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Hey Purpose Peeps!

Last week I attended a preview of the 2018 Ted Talks with some wonderful Purpose Peeps @TedxPeachtree.

Wouldn’t you know it… it happened again…

I got sparked at the intersection of artificial intelligence and purpose.

The first speaker was Purpose Peep, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, investor and founder of Sinovation Ventures, which manages a $2.3B dual-currency investment fund.  He wove an impactful life lesson with his vast industry expertise and it was awe-inspiring.


First slide, we see his family as Dr. Lee tells the story of how his wife was in labor the same day he was pitching an artificial intelligence solution to Apple.  He joked about how his wife had a definitive time to deliver so he could meet his appointment with Apple.

Can you relate Purpose Peeps? As impact-driven Purpose Peeps, have you walked the line between important milestones in your life and landing important milestones for your business or organization?

As fate would have it, his wife delivered shortly and Dr. Lee was able to make his pitch meeting, which was successful and the rest is history.

Moving into Dr. Lee’s industry expertise.  After laying the foundation of the artificial intelligence partnership between the US who is the creative partner and China who is the execution partner, he spoke about the benefits of artificial intelligence in a way that really sparked me.

It’s one of those things where you can either perceive the glass as half empty or half full.

glass half empty

The trend is that industry job replacement will increase across industries over the next 15 years and the creative jobs will be protected because optimization, one of the core benefits of artificial intelligence, can not replace discovery and innovation, two benefits of our human nature.


My purpose senses are tingling!

The routine jobs will decrease and move to artificial intelligence and there will be more availability for love, creativity and discovery, which artificial intelligence can not compensate.

According to Dr. Lee, the artificial intelligence tipping point is projected for 2045.

… And, the purpose economy tipping point is projected for 2030.

YOU ARE HERE 2018=====>Purpose Economy 2030=====>Artificial Intelligence 2045

This leaves two big questions for us Purpose Peeps:

  1. What will we do with the time on our hands as the routine jobs decrease leaving more time for us to love, create and innovate?
  2. How will we prepare over the next two decades, which will bring forth pivotal change in our workforce?

If you are unsure how your job or industry fares in these trends, take a look at this cool graphic Dr. Lee shared.  You can plot your job/industry in one of four quadrants made by two axis: horizontal (optimization ======>or creativity or strategy required) vertical (compassion needed======>compassion not needed).


Check out the pic from Dr. Lee’s talk and plot yourself and your industry on the grid.  When I saw this grid, I thought of my youngest daughter in college, my son who is completing his first year of high school, my multi-passionate adult daughter and my daughter who is diagnosed as Bipolar and works jobs that will continue on the path of optimization through artificial intelligence.  How will these trends impact their careers?  How can I support them in understanding how to leverage their value and meaning in the workforce during this time of  evolution?

Flash back to Dr. Lee’s personal story.  He was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and it shifted his prioritization and provided insight into his life.

Purpose Peeps, how many of us have had life lend us a hand that allows us to reprioritize our lives and gain clarity? It may not feel that way when life happens.  I remember being Sparked by  Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk about her stroke of insight before I had a stroke experience.

Just as these unexpectant occurrences shifted Dr. Taylor’s, Dr. Lee’s, my and countless other Purpose Peeps’ lives and perspectives, what unexpectant occurances are shifting your life and perspective and enhancing what you bring to what you do?

Thank you Dr. Lee for this amazing talk.

As a Purpose Peep I am sparked because the trends for the emerging Purpose Economy are in alignment with the trends Dr. Lee described for the peak of artificial intelligence.  Globally, as we connect more and more with purpose and fulfillment in what we do, we can lean into the opportunity to outsource or liberate from routine jobs and tasks to have more freedom to pursue love and creativity in what we do.  This is the goal of fulfillment in what we do.

Check out Dr. Lee’s Ted Talk @kaifulee when it becomes available as well as your local Tedx events. Congrats to @tedxpeachtree for evolving to @tedxatlanta!


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