#SparkNotes: What Happens When You’re in a Transformative Process?

Hey Purpose Peeps,

Don’t you love how nature and natural processes teach us about life?  One of my favorites is transformation revealed through the life of the butterfly.  There’s so much juicy wisdom shared by watching this phenomenal process.

Over time, some deeper lessons began to reveal themselves.

Embrace life lessons that circle back, not as repeats but deeper dives.

Sometimes change just sucks.  Yes, I called the elephant in the room out.  There are times when you can catch a glimpse of the other side of whatever change is occurring.  Then there are the times that Purpose Peeps tend to discuss through hindsight–after they’ve gotten through some really difficult times.

Consider our friend, the caterpillar.  What if she does not know she’s a caterpillar changing into a butterfly?  What if she did not have a butterfly mentoring her and educating her about the process, “when you are hundreds of times your size, it’s because you need the weight and the fuel to source your change. and by the way you will experience this change in a cocoon or isolation, so get your meditation together for the journey.” What if the caterpillar did not anticipate the change taking so long and gives up before the next phase?


These are real periods in a transformation that when we look back on our journey as Purpose Peeps are clear but while we’re going through it, we may feel lost or unsure.  It’s a thing. It’s real. It’s coming up in several conversations with Purpose Peeps that have been through several iterations of major change and it is still happening.  What’s interesting is that it takes a minute to recognize this signpost.

If you are experiencing an ugghhhhh period where you are in your purposed transformation and yet you feel lost in the process, consider these things:

  1. KNOW you are in a purposed transformation.  Whether you identify with the story of the butterfly or the duckling transforming to a swan, there is a point that you have to give up your old identity to take on your new identity.  There is a lot you don’t know and it’s ok.  You will learn but you have to let go and have faith in your purposed transformation otherwise it will stall because your mindset is unaligned with what is happening.  Sometimes the only thing you know is that you’re in a purposed cocoon of process.
  2. BE with your purposed transformation.  Be with the ambiguity, the discomfort, and the frustration. Being with it, just as it is, offers truth to the courageous journey you are experiencing. Offer some sincere asks.  You may need some new resources for this leg of your purposed transformation and if you continue to use your current toolbox, or deny your experience, you’ll continue to be met with frustration.
  3. DO your purposed transformation.  This means do your version of it.  Many Purpose Peeps may offer their best thinking and tools and yet you still have to surrender to YOUR process.  Consider our offerings as frameworks or skeletons that still need to be filled, nourished and completed by you.  Like our friend the butterfly, from the outside, looking in, we see and acknowledge the phases.  What is unknown are the individual requirements of that caterpillar in that process to become that butterfly.  What did she give up that she did not know she would have to surrender to complete her process?  What happens if she does not fly on the first try?  What if she did not stay in her cocoon and got distracted, how does she re-engage in her process?  Processes can be similar and unique at the same time.

Living our life purpose is miraculous.  Just as every time we see a butterfly swoop by us, we marvel at its miracle of making it through.  As the quote from Dr. Angelou suggests, it is ok to admit the changes it took for that miracle we are witnessing just as it’s ok to admit the requirements of our purposed transformations.


Can I go deeper with my entrepreneur or CEO Purpose Peeps?

Here’s a #keytosuccess that I am learning… If you are an entrepreneur or CEO and feel like what you are creating and building feels stuck, stalled or inconsistent (strong starts, fizzles and leveling but not a progressive cycle), one reason could be YOU.

The first transformation that exists in your business is your transformation.   Can you imagine the caterpillar building while it is in transition?  

If this is you Purpose Peep, check into what is going on with you.  What you are experiencing could be the next level of product or service for your business and the key is to continue your journey and what life is teaching you before leveraging it into your business.  This principle is true whether your offerings are B2C or B2B. And Purpose Peeps, I have tried to avoid challenging periods of transformation by going off and creating something new.  Have you experienced this?

As Purpose Peeps, so much of ourselves go into what we are doing.  When I was licensed as a strategic planning facilitator, my licensor created an element called the Owners Personal Definition of Success.  This strategic choice came from the CEO and was his/her personal stamp that is woven into the strategy and operations of the entity.   This process and its strategic inclusion yield competitive advantage because it is the mojo, the fire behind the services an entity provides or what it manufactures or sells.  This is the life energy that connects everyone in the buying or production cycle together.  Now, Purpose Peeps call the Owner’s Definition of Success it’s “Why” or the purpose of an organization or business differing from its mission.

Consider if you are that Purpose Peep CEO defining your definition for success for the entity or honing in on its laser-sharp why…   And are experiencing a shift while leading the charge on how to grow the entity…  And the entity is experiencing bumps and hurdles that you and your team could normally problem solve and shift.  Perhaps the shift this challenge is leading you to is to YOUand some refining is taking place with your underlying purpose.

Remember purpose unfolds.  Purpose evolves over time.  It’s not only ok but brilliant to check in and engage in some questioning to ensure you are in alignment with its direction.  When you are clearer, your way forward in all areas including your business or organization is clearer.

As resultants, we know our organizations and businesses shift to recognize and leverage internal and external environmental factors.  What if your organization or business is growing through to another level of purpose or shifting purpose in a major way? Who is responsible for sensing this subtle and often elusive shift?  Purpose Peep, this level of strategy begins with you.  This skillset is keenly important if you are passionate about innovation and being an early adopter in your field or industry.

The innovative Purpose Peep senses the call to transform before it becomes  a change with mass appeal.  If this is you, part of your purpose is to lead transformations and building this sense is a requirement of your purpose path.

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Dena, Your Sister in Purpose & Resultant

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