IKIGAI Expanded: 12 Weeks Exploring Your Hope Realized

IKIGAI, or a life of realized hope, is a spacious awareness-based practice that spans the entirety of our lives. When we center the practice as a life practice with many options of expression, we loosen the grip of just applying it within one environment to the realization of the hope that we carry in all of our moments. This mindset shift and embodiment resembles the ancient wisdom of the practice within the noisiness of modern environments.

close up of lego blocks
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Imagine the combination of the four foundational perspectives of IKIGAI as creating our own custom set of Lego blocks. Your Lego blocks represent all of the possibilities that reside in you. As we continue in the practice of blending the foundational four perspectives, we begin to see the myriad of possibilities that we host. Your Lego blocks are also available to connect with the Lego sets of others to create, co-create, and recreate repeatedly and at scale.

You are invited to explore an expanded version of IKIGAI during the last 12 weeks of this year! Each week will be an IKIGAI question (quest I own) that reflects one of 12 IKIGAI perspectives that may be familiar with an expanded viewpoint. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have more awareness about what you carry, how it activates, and the signs and benefits of living your awareness. My hope realized is that this practice lives within you, deepens, and shows up in your being and doing.

The IKIGAI question of the week will be shared every Sunday, beginning October 1 with a short video to aid in e x p a n d i n g our understandings of IKIGAI and recognizing how the IKIGAI perspectives are speaking to us throughout our lives. This video provides an introduction to the practice. Followed by our first quest, your heart-centered why. We will also witness enablers that support your practice in real-time.

The quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of the questions one asks oneself.

– Tony Robbins

Join me in bringing Tony’s wisdom to life by ending 2023 with some juicy, expansive questions that point and align us toward our north stars for 2024 and beyond.

Dena Wiggins (she/her/hers) is an author, innovator, and MBA-informed purpose doula. She wholeheartedly believes that purpose is the birthright of humanity referring to humanity as Purpose Peeps. Dena’s sweet spot of service is to transform survival stuckness into thriving lives and places of purpose. This shift is vital to healing systemic oppression and exclusion that is the antithesis of thriving purpose. She is the creator of Unlock The Keys App, Unlock The Keys To Your Success & Turn Them Into Results® Personal and Organization Strategy, and A Life of Purpose®. Dena is a Certified Purpose Coach, Master Soulful Facilitator, Coach of Gene Keys, Human Design, IKIGAI, Kinesiologist, and Circle Host through TED Circles, Lean In, and Feel Real platforms. She bridges the art, science, and soul of results that matter. Learn more and connect with Dena at www.denawiggins.com.