Covid 19 Support

Surviving through this unprecedented experience with the inner resources to rebuild with purpose and intention (thriving) is the lasting stimulus package required for this time.

IKIGAI For The Purpose Peeps

The light and fun version of IKIGAI (integrated reason for being that includes your head, heart, hands and soul) For Purpose Peeps, YOU. With all that we are juggling, relearning and unlearning, here’s a version of unlocking that allows you to see your meaningful resources during a time that seems to focus on contraints–all we cannot do or be.

IKIGAI For Purpose Peeps

Do You Know What Time It Is?

I heard a word that sparked me, sitz im leben during a town hall discussion. Sitz im leben denotes the social context or ‘life setting’ in which a narrative emerged.  With all that is happening as a result of the pandemic and social justice uprising, what is YOUR sitz im leben that if you wrote a book on your experiences right now would shape the narrative for future readers. Check out this video and explore what has changed on your watch that is informing your sitz im leben.

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What’s Going On? 

Are you  Cocooning, Reconnecting, Rebuilding or Guiding during this time of unprecedented change? Watch What’s Going On? and unlock your purpose assignment during this time allowing this time to reveal your part in creating a new normal.

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Unlock Your S/Hero’s Journey 

For the first time in modern history, we have a shared “Call to Adventure”–all of us doing our part to live through the COVID19 event and rebuild our lives. Unlock first with your journaling and reflection using the S/Hero’s Journey framework from Be Your Type of Super Workbooks and second through authentic discussions about your experiences of the steps of the journey with your family in your living room or with your team or groups on Zoom!

  1. Listen To This Video for an overview of the models for younger purpose peeps and everyone else.

     2. Download the Journal(s), or sketch out the pages at home! 

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    3. Sign  Up Here if you want to participate in group Zoom discussions facilitated by  Dena Wiggins or if you have questions.  In the comments, please tell me which COVID19 Support Resource you are connecting about. Thanks.

Gatherings In The Goo

Virtual Circles To Share What Is Coming Up For You During This Time of Change. Are you in the goo of transformation before birthing your next phase of soulful expression? This place celebrates your inquiry and is a safe place to give voice and name what’s up within you. Fridays at noon ET.  Click to register.


Talking To Younger Purpose Peeps About COVID19

Some considerations from @JamboBooks 

Creative Resources

Home Coloring Pages

From Purpose Peep @lindsayannostrom FB Lindsay Ostrom – creator of cuteness is creating daily COVID19 Support Home Coloring Pages that are nothing short of fantastic! Way to #PurposePivot, Lindsay!  Here’s are a couple to get you going. Go to her FB page and you’ll find links to download the files from her DropBox or screenshot them (with her generous permission).  Great, right?! Please follow her page and tag her if you make your pieces public.

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Create A COVID19 Time Capsule

Check out this COVID19 time capsule created by ICANHELP  ! It’s a great way for us to voice our feelings and experience with hope that it will land in the hands of future generations!  IF you share your thoughts or creations, please tag @icanhelpofficial or just show some love for this tool.  Click below to download.

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10 Days of Happiness

Free online coaching program for challenging times. Register here.

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And/or the calendar from Greater Good @ Berkeley University  that focuses on protecting relationships and building optimism

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Use The Purposity App To Connect With Local Needs

Purposity is a pre-COVID19 resource that connects you with the local needs of our communities.  Agencies upload needs & members of the village respond with resources that are facilitated through the agency or organization such as school districts, local agencies, and County resources.  As of yesterday, there were 1200 COVID19 emergency needs like wipes for homeless people, in between meals for homeless families, and gift cards for Walmart.

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Difficult Start Or COVID19 Bootcamp?

I’ve heard many Purpose Peeps comment about how challenging 2020 started before COVID19 became a pandemic event.  I am coming into the awareness those experiences were a sort of boot camp.  As difficult as it is/was, the experiences strengthened some muscles that we’re using now.  Check out how this realization is growing through my recent podcasts on The #Sparked Life Podcast.

What’s In Your Hand?

In October 2019, I delivered a keynote originally called, “Being A Transitional Character In The Age of Purpose.” I know, long title.  And 2019 was my year of yes.  Yes to my sparks, nudges, and assignments.  As I reflect on the time we are in, I am repurposing this talk because I believe it was a part of the COVID19 boot camp and is evidence that in the midst of unimaginable times, grace remains everpresent.

Things To Think On From The Global Purpose Leaders Community

No one has the magic answer and yet we all bring bits of clarity that provide anchors.  Here are some:

Longing for real conversations that matter? Check out the calendar of #FeelReal virtual conversations here:

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Need Some Relaxation Techniques? 

Check out the Relaxation Room with Dr. Rogers Sunday’s at 7 pm EST. Click here for live call info or check out the archive of calls here.


Wall of Encouragement

What we nurture ourselves matters! Who is on your wall of encouragement?

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Connecting With Purpose Compilation Newspaper

All issues are focusing on resources, #purposepivots, and #coronakindness.