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Breaking News!!  Our community of Purpose Peeps has access to the latest psychological research and application of purpose at work!  Yes, we have access to the Imperative Purpose Platform that leverages psychological research through a 10-minute survey to deliver our unique value composite from the lenses of who, why and how.

Which means more we have more to unpack and leverage towards our results that matter.  We get to have our experiences on the path to purpose filling in the what.

Why is this important?

It’s like the glass is half empty or half full, depending on your perspective.

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PROBLEM: Imperative Research shows 2/3s of Working Purpose Peeps Identify With Being Unfulfilled at Work.  How we work impacts the majority of our waking hours! Look to the left and right of you, and two of us are asking some big questions about purpose and fulfillment. That’s significant.

OPPORTUNITY: We are facing an emerging Purpose Economy expected to reach a tipping point by 2030.  This means there is a growing demand for purpose that touches every aspect of our lives.  This is great news because we are physiologically wired for purpose.  When we do things that we love to do, we produce Oxytocin, the love hormone, which gives us a sense of belonging and well being.

These are two big trends that impact all of us!

What is the solution that leverages these trends?

  • The Unlock The Keys to Your Success and Turn Them Into Results™ Model (heART) & the Imperative Platform (SCIENCE) define purpose from the inside out
  • My heART of purpose approach leads you to unlock WHAT the keys to your success create coupled with the Science of purpose that unlocks your purposed response (WHO, WHY, HOW)

art and science

If You Are An Unlocked Purpose Peep,

  1. You unlocked yourself from your stories and events (trigger sources, things that keep you stuck, survival patterns) and stepped on the platform for your purpose
  2. You unlocked your keys to success,
  3. You defined success on your own terms
  4. You are taking inspired action on your insight, knowledge, and wisdom

If you answered YES to these questions you are primed, pumped and ready to explore Purpose at Work.  If not, no worries, take the Unlock The Keys To Your Success And Turn Them Into Results™ Online Program because all Purpose Peeps get access to your Purpose at Work Profile with the Unlock the Keys to Your Success™ Programs. When you take the purpose profile survey I want the most authentic version of yourself showing up and taking this powerful assessment. This is a super combination to live your results that matter. This is one of the benefits of partnering with a Purposed Resultant.

Your one-year access to the Imperative Purpose Platform provides:

  • YOUR Custom Report Detailing YOUR Purpose Profile Online and downloadable PDF

Purpose Driver

  • YOUR Customizable Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

  • Comprehensive Knowledge to Build Your Purpose Effectiveness Plan


  • One year access to an ongoing assessment of the three areas that directly impact fulfillment (the problem 2/3s of most working Purpose Peeps are experiencing) relationships, impact & growth


  • One year access to the Relationships, Impact & Growth (RIG) app coach that provides a weekly purpose habit

RIG Coach

AND because you are a member of the Purposed Peep Community, you get the RESULTANT touch, where you leverage all of your insight, knowledge and purpose into results that matter!

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 Get Your Purpose Profile and Awareness Session

AND Purpose Peeps, there’s always more!  When you create a custom Unlock the Keys to Your Business Success And Turn Them Into Results™ Program for your team, you will unlock the Team Purpose Profile and leverage throughout your organization!

Schedule Team Purpose Solution Consult

Purpose Peeps, we have so much at our disposal to not only make an impact, our impact but also to collectively shift the trend to more fulfilled Purpose Peeps at Work.

I am Dena, Your Sister in Purpose and Resultant and my imperative, the thing I can not help but to do, is to unlock Sparked Purpose Peeps to fill organizations and transform them to lighthouses that shine solutions into the marketplace no matter the weather or seas of change.  

What’s your imperative? Let’s unlock and leverage it today!

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