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Entrepreneurial Elevation: 31 Strategic Lessons & Personal Stories From Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Elevation: 31 Strategic Lessons & Personal Stories From Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs – Presented by award-winning international speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur, Cheryl Wood. Dena Wiggins is a proud contributing author lending her voice about elevating your impact and meeting kairos opportunities by following your spark, which leads to creating your North Star. And that’s one chapter of 31. Check out the genius of 30 other entrepreneurs who understand the journey, worked and continue to work through learning curves required to produce increasing levels of impact and purpose. This book is filled with wisdom from entrepreneurs of both service and product-based businesses including a forward written by Emmy-award winning, Eva Jane Bunkley, inventor of the Make-Up Bullet! Grow your impact circle and get support to propel you through the maze of entrepreneurship with humor, grit, honesty, and strategic action steps. As Purposed Resultants, you require both insight and the next action steps and as a strategist, I would not offer or recommend anything less. My gift to you is a sneak peek into my new online course: Purposed Resultant Strategy! $25 Including Shipping & Handling


Life of Purpose® Books

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  • Divine Spark – Spiritual background of my perspective of Divine Spark,  an example of Purpose Enrollment, how relationships intensify our spark and allow us and deepen our commitment to purpose, dual role of Divine Spark relationships-connect us to eternity and connect us to our destiny
  • Unlock The Keys to Your Success And Turn Them Into Results™ – Book 1 of Series – Personal process with 10 exercises to unlock insight, knowledge and purpose and leverage to Divine Results
  • Unlock The Keys to Business Success And Turn Them Into Results –  Book 2 of Series -the Business process with 10 exercises to unlock insight, knowledge and purpose and leverage Purpose Enrollment to Galvanized Results
  • Be Your Type of Super Coloring & Activity Book – For Pre-K to elementary-age children to explore purpose in a fun way and unlock their superpower! Customizable apparel available through the clothing line
  • Facilitator’s Guide for the Be Your Type of Super Coloring & Activity Book – Facilitator’s guide for events and group activities
  • Be Your Type of Super Activity Book For Rising Purpose Peeps – Purpose awareness activities for Middle School Purpose Peeps
  • Be Your Type of Super Activity Book for the High School through Graduation Activity Book.  Designed to empower youth on the journey of self-discovery that is celebratory, authentic, leads to intentional decision-making and purposeful introspection.

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A Life of Purpose® Products

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Jewelry, candles, prints, apparel and home goods are custom designed to reinforce The Path to Purpose concepts shared in A Life of Purpose® books:

  • I Learned To Look for God & Found God Everywhere – Simple Truths Line.  These jewelry pieces are designed to remind you of simple truths e.g.,  You are loved.  You are as unique as a snowflake.  Miracles Happen. You are a YOUnique Creation. Attitude of Gratitude.
  • Divine Spark Divine Spark Line.  Includes jewelry, journals, prints and candles.  This line is designed to remind you of the divine nature of purpose and how it connects us to have spark moments that lead to inspired action and results.  The infinity symbol, flame, and spark symbols reflected in the pieces correlate with the learning experience in the book.  “The spark in you, the spark in me, connects us to eternity.  When it ignites in you, it ignites in me, and leads us to our destiny.”
  • Unlock the Keys to Your Success & Turn Them Into Results – Unlock Your Keys Line.  Includes necklace, bracelets, earrings, key chains all to remind you of your Unlocking experience and the keys that lead you to your version of desired outcomes.  Some pieces include engraved keys and others are custom engraved with your words.  The keys are combined with materials that hold stories of purpose on their own–transformed, tried and true, repurposed metals, uniquely treated.  These are beautiful one-of-o kind pieces that mirror the uniqueness of your life’s mosaic.

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Purpose Art by A Life of Purpose®

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Purpose Art is the combination of name meaning with Numerological insight about your date of birth, placed on a backdrop of a beautiful piece of art that motivates the receiver to review the content repeatedly. Remember, the process that sits in the process-awareness, practice and mastery.

The beautiful backdrops come in a variety of themes: naturescapes, nursery, animal, modern art and earth.

When I was deep in unchartered areas on the Path of Purpose, I followed a nudge and received a Numerology Report that shifted my perspective about my journey and gave me enough space to get a second wind.  I wrote elements of the report on sticky notes and included them with my other inspirations to stay present to the shift.  Purpose Art looks better than the sticky notes around my bathroom mirror!  Most importantly, Purpose Art ends with a positive affirmation based on the personal findings and ends with the statement, “there is no one like you in the world.”

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A Life of Purpose Numerology Report

A Full Numerology Report that contains a purpose-oriented version of your Life Path, Birthday, Expression and Heart’s Desire. You will need to provide: Full Birth Name, Full Current Name and date of birth. Only delivered to the email address associated with payment.


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