The age of purpose is here! Purpose Peeps want to connect with what sparks them and makes them come alive and then live lives being and doing just that! Sounds simple, right? But the big question is, what is my purpose, my reason for being? You are not alone.  With billions of searches for just that answer per day, Purpose Peeps are hungry for authentic connection, first, within themselves and second, with others and how they hold space in the world in a valuable and connected way.

IKIGAI is a great tool to unlock reason for being!  To be able to connect authentically and live the combination of:

  • Your Heart Centered Why
  • Your Core Brilliance
  • What The World (beyond yourself) Is Asking From You
  • Your Purpose Currency Package (How You Are Paid, Literally, & In Your Soul)

Your answer to what seems to be a simple QUESTion, is just that–a quest!  It is a quest to unlock your authentic answers after years of conditioning and influences including a broad-brush approach to the definition of and path to success.  Defining your version of success (the accomplishment of goals on purpose) is as unique as your fingerprint.

Purpose Peep, it took years to unlock my inner clarity, fumbling around in the dark trying to turn on the lights in my life and keep them on! …And more years to come out of the cocoon and connect with the world in an authentic way that sustains both my soul and my account.

I have programs to support you in unlocking your authentic answers to these questions where YOU develop your path to purpose path (yes, there is a path to purpose) and apply your answers to unlock how life is really serving you in living a reason for being, also known as IKIGAI, also known as purpose.

The key is to:

  • KNOW your vision of IKIGAI,
  • BE with your understanding and integrate it into your life through intentional practice, and
  • DO things that are aligned with what you know & how you be that sustain you and feed your soul.

Our public offering of IKIGAI For Purpose Peeps is a fun way to explore living through our head, heart, spark and hands.  It is a fun way to approach a big shift and now comes with the bonus of adding Gene Keys as an additional lens.  Sign up here.

Your personal IKIGAI Experience is here.  Explore the art and science of IKIGAI in a more structured appreach through this online program:

or follow the exercises in my upcoming book:

You can also apply the IKIGAI experiences to how you be and what you do within an organizational context.  This is an important step to purpose enrollment.  Through purpose enrollment, unlocked & sparked Purpose Peeps connect more with the organizations they serve with and through.  The age of purpose is birthing the power of the Purpose Peep who sees life and purposed possibilities differently.  Check out my upcoming online program:

And if you are a Purpose Peep who is founding an organization, or leading the strategic direction of an organization, why not create and implement strategy from IKIGAI, reason for being, choices? Create from the reason for being and measure based on realizing results that matter.  It’s time to create places and sandboxes for the sparked Purpose Peeps to play, serve and grow within the purpose economy.  The next session begins in March.  Get ready by completing the individual and organizational IKIGAI programs.  They are your prework for the strategy session!  Finally, a strategy for organizations that bridges the heart and soul of its people with the heart and soul of the organization, which are systems of Purpose Peeps!

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