“Many of us sense that the civilization we are a part of is hitting the wall… we want to be part of a different story – we just don’t know how.” – Otto Scharmer

We have specialized in strategy development for over 20 years. In truth, the facilitation of strategy is a first love of our founder, Dena Wiggins. The traditional strategy essentials are:

  • Assessment of the Current Situation From Multiple Perspectives
  • Gathering of Choices
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Weighing Options
  • Deciding
  • Determining Go To Market Strategy
  • Executing The Strategy

What is missing from this equation? It is mostly driven by facts, figures and assessments, which are important for a vital business. But how do organizational leaders and decision-makers arrive at the “heart of the matter?” Is it possible to build and transform organizations to be catalysts of change even if a necessary part of the change are co-creating new structures and ways of being and operating in the world? Yes! Especially during a time where change is coming from the power of the people. What is the point of hiring incredibly talented and innovative Purpose Peeps without a way to tap into the cross-pollination, collective wisdom of the brilliance during times that cry out for something different?

Now is the time to see the opportunity of organizations (gatherings of Purpose Peeps for a shared purpose) to intentionally bring products and services to a consciously evolving marketplace where how we be and do is as important if not more than what we bring to market.

Emergent strategy brings systems awareness into the forefront of how we co-sense what is really happening in our world that reconciles us with self, others and nature. Emergent Strategy development requires:

  • Teams to get close to the cracks in our composting systems to sense through more than our minds and data what is really happening and asking to be witnessed, understood and reimagined
  • Teams formed with the intention of gleaning multiple perspectives and asking the questions (quests I own) of who is missing? What perspective is needed to understand?
  • Decontextualizing our conditioned responses
  • Being with an unprecedented amount of change, loss of control and ambiguity
  • Bringing our heart and soul into our being and doing to move from facts to wisdom grounded in compassion
  • Creating purposeful intentions that measure performance from the lens of intent, flourishing and well-being
  • Getting to the root of problems to create sustainable change
  • Doing without sacrificing cultures of belonging and care (self, others and the planet)
  • Creating ways of gathering the collective wisdom of sparked purpose peeps to galvanize toward results that matter and generative and not extractive of internal and external resources and stakeholders

We are invested in bringing an embodied way to gather, collect and develop strategy that shifts our mind, behavior and culture sets from past structures and outcomes to flourishing structures designed to work with the emergent flow of possibility.

We are trained in and deeply committed to soulful facilitation and awareness system design. We believe it is possible to create results that serve the wellbeing of all.

*NEW* We add the exploration of harm from the individual, collective and historical perspectives to incorporate this awareness into what our organization takes a collective stand FOR. We use this powerful lens and experience to galvenize groups of people to change that begins through shared awareness, transformative witness, empathetic conversations and resolve to co-create a different reality, now. Learn more here.

Take our emergence sensing questionnaire and schedule a strategy call with us. We would love to support the emergence of collective wisdom with your group and to build pathways of its fully realized expression (also known as execution).

“The times are urgent; let us slow down. Slowing down is losing our way–not a human capacity or human capability. It is the invitations that are now in the world-at-large, inviting us to listen deeply, to be keen, to be fresh, to be quick with our heels, to follow the sights and sounds and smells of the world.” – Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

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