The Purpose Place

Welcome to the one-stop destination for the younger & young at heart Purpose Peeps, The Purpose Place

We have one intention, for purpose to be a living exploration throughout the lives of Purpose Peeps, from the start.

As a Certified Purpose Coach, unlocking purpose with clients almost always goes back to childhood when my clients knew what sparked them before they transitioned to other pursuits for many well-intentioned reasons.  Sound familiar?

Unlocking My Type of Super

Everyone has his or her own type of super that is to be unlocked, explored, celebrated and leveraged towards results that matter.  Through A Life of Purpose® books, apparel, products & programs, parents, family, educators, day care providers, youth programs & mentorship introduce purpose, intention & service to the younger Purpose Peeps.

Be Your Type of Super Coloring & Activity Book

This coloring and activity book is transformational!  Through simple but impactful exercises, your Purpose Peep goes on a journey to unlock what he or she understands about his or her type of super.  Your Purpose Peep transforms into his or her type of Super while appreciating what makes others Super as well.  Coupled with the opportunity for your newly unlocked Super to wear his or her customized Be Your Type of Super Apparel created from the output of this activity book, your Super is poised to experience life through the power of self-discovery, clarity, and adventure!

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Be Your Type of Super Coloring & Activity Book Facilitator’s Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide offers activity-by-activity instruction to align the intention of the coloring and activity book–extractive facilitation.  Extractive assumes there are treasures to unlock and not create and facilitation guides and supports rather than tells.  Leverage my experience as a master facilitator and your knowledge of your Purpose Peeps to partner for the Super in your Purpose Peeps!

My Type of Super Facilitators Guide
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Coming August 2019 Be Your Type of Super Middle School & High School Workbooks

Be Your Type of Super Middle School Experience
Be Your Type of Super High School Experience

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A Life of Purpose® Apparel 

My Type of Super apparel is designed to support self-awareness in young Purpose Peeps and the Purpose Peeps who love and support them.

  1. Identify the Type of Super, through observation, young Purpose Peep insight (Be Your Type of Super is a great resource) or Unlocking Purpose Path With Younger Purpose Peeps.
  2. Buy the shirt or hoodie apparel
  3. Complete the sentence on the front of the apparel with fabric markers.  Be sure to place something between the front and back side as your fabric marker may bleed through.
  4. Catch your Younger Purpose Peep expressing his or her super.

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Be Your Type of Super© Events & Programs

Consider Be Your Type of Super© for:

  • Birthdays
  • Empowerment Programs
  • Child Development Curricula
  • Workshops for Children
  • Workshops for Adults Who Support Children
  • Self Esteem Programs

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Unlocking Purpose Path With Younger Purpose Peeps

Learn how to unlock the purpose paths of your Purpose Peeps.  This purpose path clarity allows you to understand the path your Purpose Peep is traveling.  Knowing Purpose Path does not predict the future but offers great insight into understanding the motivations of your Purpose Peep.  Leveraging Purpose Path, I share with you how to unlock the nature of the life lessons your Purpose Peep may be experiencing as he or she grows through the requirements associated with his or her purpose path.  This is powerful insight to be present for and with the young Purpose Peeps in your life.


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Purpose Art© By A Life of Purpose®


Purpose Art is the combination of name meaning with Numerological insight about your date of birth, placed on a backdrop of a beautiful piece of art that motivates the receiver to review the content repeatedly. Each custom piece ends with a custom affirmation that concludes with “There is no one just like me.”

Styles reflect the major milestones including:

  • Birth Announcements
  • infographics for Growing Purpose Peep,
  • Graduation Infographics Customized With College and Post Graduation Next Steps

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Purpose Awareness & Activation For Adults Purpose Peeps

Reconnect with your superpower in an intentional way and be a demonstration for younger Purpose Peeps of the power of purpose.  Younger Purpose Peeps believe what we do above what we say.  Are we being a demonstration of possibility? It’s never too late to make choices that align with our purpose.