The Unlock Your Keys App is an accessible online platform (Apple, Google and Desktop) for Purpose Peeps to unlock who they are and what is there’s to be and do at a time when, globally, we need all Purpose Peeps living the truest expression of that awareness to heal ourselves and heal our planet.

There is content to unlock as well as the Purpose Reps, the practices that allow us to move from awareness to integration, where the awarenesses (ahas) we experience reside in and come through us!

  • Unlock The Inner Development Goals While Doing Your Purpose Reps – A free 26 week program focusing on the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) created to support the inner changes and resiliency required to write the check for sustainable change, namely the SDGs outlined by the UN
  • 21 Day Bootcamp – An accessible-fee-based 21 day program to orient you to the Purpose Reps required to stick with the nuances of change in an unprescidented time of change (self, planet and with others) as well as a taste of different types of unlocking experiences. Liberate your path to purpose journey with an understanding of what types of unlocking pathways work for YOU!
  • Unlocking With Human Design & Gene Keys – A membership program that unlocks new content every week to support your understanding and practice of awarnesses surrounding your energetic blueprint and path to purpose journey through the perspectives of two powerful transmissions – Human Design and Gene Keys – two powerful conditioning and deconditioning agents that support the soulful sense-making of being a one-of-a-kind human on the planet at such a pivotal time!
  • *Upcoming* Unlocking Your Business While Doing Your Purpose Reps

Doing your purpose reps is a powerful integrative step to build your resiliency muscles during a time of unprecedented change that require CARE (composting, agency, remembering, empathetic awarenes). The purpose reps reveal the practices necessary for each of us to “write the personal checks” for change that lasts!

The Unlock Your Keys App is available through AppleGoogle and a desktop application.

See you in the app!