1:1 Consulting

  • Unlock! Me: 30 Minute Power Session: Purpose Peeps, this is the opportunity to have a telephone or video laser coaching session to unbundle your “story” the one that causes the biggest triggers that keeps you stuck the longest.  This is a show me/teach me opportunity so that you can apply the approach to all of your stories, positive and negative.  When you extract your insight, knowledge and purpose from your stories, they become your keys to success and you then leverage the keys throughout your life.
  • IKIGAI For You: Purpose Peeps, schedule your personal time to explore our integrated reason for being program personally with Dena, or as a follow-up from the IKIGAI Course
  • Human Design and Gene Keys: Purpose Peeps, this new addition allows you to explore your energetic blueprint as well as understanding the nature of your path to purpose journey.  Learn more here (there’s a chart to help you to decide which offering is best for you) or schedule your session below!

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  • Personal Strategy Sessions: Discovery, Extraction & Leverage: You can purchase telephone or video sessions a la cart depending on where you need support.  A discovery session is the entry point where we assess where you are on your Path to Purpose and your next inspired action step.  Purchasing a Discovery Session is a great way to ask specific questions from your self-study of following the book exercises.  The Extraction Session is the longest session and involves inquiry exercises so that you can unbundle and release your keys and define success based on those keys.  In the leverage session, you will shift to align with your definition of success using the wisdom of your support keys.  You will commit to changes to align with results.

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  • Unlock! Your Keys: If you prefer one-on-one power-packed coaching through a skinny version of the Unlock The Keys to Your Success and Turn Them Into Results™ Model for interpersonal or business exploration, we can accommodate! In a series of three consulting sessions, we zoom through Discovery, Extraction and Leveraging.  This is a great accompany for those who read the books and want to go deeper into the material or would like to experience the cathartic exercises first hand.  Through a three-hour investment divided among three sessions, you are positioned to align yourself to your definition of success and results as well as larger systems of results as a purposeful individual who is sparked, excited and ready to move into action.

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Team Strategy Sessions

Purpose Peep, Dena integrates her purpose frameworks into a strategy framework!  She is serious about unlocking the keys to your success and turning them into results, at scale.  She has an emergent strategy process, an organizational version of IKIGAI (reason for being) and a new way to integrate your systemic healing at the strategy level through her newly desgined Assessment of The Spaces Between Harm & Possibility!  Her Purpose Possibility Extractor gets to the heart of your results that matter.  Schedule a phone session to discover your team’s next steps!

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Speaking Engagements

Dena loves connecting with Purpose Peeps on a number of emergent topics.  Check out her speaking page to learn more and schedule a call.

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Self-Paced Online Programs

These self-study programs are designed to guide you through the model and exercises found in Divine Spark, The Unlock The Keys to Your Success™ Series and A Life of Purpose®.

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The Unlock! Me Review© is a self-paced program that uses video and downloadable content to guide you through three steps to review a block of time to extract YOUR keys to success.  This program introduces you to the unlocking process, which is extractive meaning the answers come from within!  Gain insight that you can leverage in your life.

Watch this video to learn more.

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The Unlock the Keys to Your Success and Turn Them Into Results® Online Training Program is the first in the Unlocking Series.  It is designed for Purpose Peeps to become unlocked Purpose Peeps who take inspired action steps based on the insight, knowledge, wisdom and clarity of what makes YOU tick.  Through 5 Phases you Unlock, Gather Your Keys, Define Success, Turn What You’ve Learned into the steps to YOUR results that matter.  This personal journey is cathartic and unlocks the authentic version of YOU that is leveragable throughout your life.  It supports you in building a strong foundation to then leverage the Purpose at Work products and services or dive into the the Unlocking program for Business and include YOUR team and apply the 5 Phases with activities to unlock your business or organization!  Remember, the Purpose Me @ Work (see above) is included in your program!

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Unlock the Keys To Your Success and Turn Them Into Results® Business/Organizational Journey. Purpose Peeps, now that you are unlocked individually and are clear on your unique value proposition and what makes you tick in life, NOW let’s shift to how to leverage what you know in what you do. Take the 5 Phase Framework (unlock, gather your keys, define success, leverage your clarity to turn them into results that matter for multiple constituencies) in an organization context  or what I call systems of Purpose Peeps.  This is the huge shift in my vision of unlocking sparked Purpose Peeps that fill organizations and transform them to lighthouses that shine solutions that shift our world.  Here’s where you engage in purpose enrollment towards galvanized results: results that spark, ignite and excite the masses from a place of authentic clarity.   Purpose Peep, you can engage in this journey for yourself to apply the methodolgy in a systems environment or invite your team: it’s scalable! Remember you or you and your team receive the Purpose @ work Profile AND with teams of five or more, your TEAM PROFILE and assessment that I will support you in unlocking and leveraging as a team.  See examples here.  Sessions begin in June.  This is a great opportunity to prepare you and your team for your fall strategy planning session.  Waitlist here!

IKIGAI For The Purposed Resultant: This is the individual program that reveals an integrated approach to purpose that supports your understanding of your inner and outer purpose clarity.  This framework allows you to experience deeper contemplation and to meet life experiences with an appreciation of what they are lending to your path to purpose journey.  This course is a pre-courser to unlock your individual purpose clarity before engaging in the organization format for the program.  Register here!

IKIGAI For You: Is the public version of IKIGAI For The Purposed Resultant that the entire family can experience!  It is a creative process that anyone can access.  It is a great program for the adults of the younger Purpose Peeps who are participating in the Be Your Type of Super workbooks.  Register here

*COMING SOON*  Connecting With Your Spark Through Human Design:  This program will combine the wisdom of Divine Spark with how our energetic blueprint is designed to relate to the Spark that connects us all!  Join the waitlist here.

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