Dena Wiggins (she/her) is a Mom, Partner, “Gigi,” and friend who is also a Best-Selling Transformational Author, TEDx Curator, and MBA-Informed Purpose Facilitator. She wholeheartedly believes that purpose is the birthright of humanity and intentionally refers to all of humanity as Purpose Peeps. She is quick to celebrate spark moments and juicy ahas with others. Dena’s sweet spot of service is to transform the many ways of living survival as a lifestyle into the many ways of living thriving lives of purpose. This shift is vital to members of BIPOC communities who experience systemic oppression. It is an invitation to do our individual and collective parts to end intentional oppression, which is the antithesis of thriving lives and places of purpose. Her style is to be a voice of shared experience, meeting clients where they are on their sacred path to purpose journeys, with empowering frameworks reflective of her lived experiences, Divine guidance, and learnings in spark facilitation, purpose, human design, and system awareness strategy. All of this works in service of clients delivering purposeful expression into the world.
Dena is a certified purpose coach by Imperative, pioneers of fulfillment in what you do. She is also a certified guide in Gene Keys and Quantum Human Design, a master facilitator, and co-lead of Soulful Facilitators. She is a council member of Global Purpose Leaders and a hub facilitator of Inner Development Goals. Dena earned her MBA in International Strategic Management at the University of Maryland Global Campus. She is certified in Ulab 1 & 2, awareness-based systems change through MIT, as well as Change Execution Methodology, which focuses on transformational, large-scale change. She is a founding member of ForbesBLK. Dena creates purposeful art, jewelry, and other merchandise available through her online store. Dena represents a bridge between the art and science of achieving results that matter.
Success By Planning, LLC (SBP) is a women-owned and certified Small & Disadvantaged Business through the Small Business Administration, specializing in a proprietary facilitation methodology to unlock the keys to the success of individuals and teams that yield results that matter. Dena founded SBP in 2003, initially serving the greater Washington DC area (DMV) and partnering with Vistage (initially TEC) as a strategic partner. SBP is a registered patent holder of Unlock The Keys To Your Success and Turn Them Into Results®, A Life of Purpose®, and publishes purposeful content as A Life of Purpose Publishing. SBP currently has offices in Atlanta, GA, and Maryland, serving the world. Its NAICS codes are 541611, 541612, 541613, 541618, 611430, and 812990. Please contact the SBP office for a press kit or capabilities sheet.
SBP Core Values are the four As: awareness, agency, accessibility, and action (inspired action!). We are an inclusive perspectives zone and create spaces, programs, and content that navigate the psychological safety needed to build trust individually and collectively with the discomfort of sustainable change. We explore purpose as liberation and a pathway to healing and flourishing for generations to come.
The SBP Journey consists of:
Use the form below to introduce yourself and share what brings you here. Also, please share with others! Dena & SBP share a goal of impacting 1.5 million purpose-oriented individuals and need your help. If you sense someone experiencing any awakening symptoms related to purpose, please share this site with them. If you are a parent, family member, supporter of young purpose-oriented individuals, or within the education system, please share the link to The Purpose Place. If our youth grows up with a purpose-driven mindset, we have a good chance of fulfilling my mission: ending the lifestyle of mere survival.
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