I am Dena Wiggins and I wake up on fire to transform “survival as a lifestyle” to flourishing ways of being and purposed places.  Living purposefully is more than a possibility for humanity–the human spirit is designed to live a  sparked life through connection to results that matter.  And yet to for humanity to realize purpose possibility, we must do our individual and collective parts to transform oppressive systems and the history of harm they continue to cause for all people.

The Formal

I am passionate about living a purposeful life. I use my life experiences and universal knowledge and truths to create innovative solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations to grow, make an impact and realize purpose. I am the proprietor of A Life of Purpose® products and Unlock The Keys To Your Success And Turn Them Into Results® Series for individuals, business and entrepreneurs.  I hold a BA in Communications and really enjoy making visuals that keep complex concepts super easy to understand. I have an MBA in International Strategic Management and am a Certified Purpose Coach by Imperative, the global leader in unlocking purpose or fulfillment at work.  I learned an integrative approach to transformational change while working with some of the most amazing Purpose Peeps on the planet.

My path to purpose journey has led me to deepen my 20+ years love affair with facilitation by becoming a Master Soulful Facilitator and co-leading the practice with a soul-aligned partner; joining the community of Global Purpose Leaders and becoming a council member; facilitating (holding spacees) with FeelReal and becoming a co-founder; and certifying in an awareness-based systems change framework that has trained thousands international and built community through ways of doing and being during these VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) times.  Would it surprise you to know that everything mentioned in this paragraph happened after experiencing a lay-off and a stroke resulting in partial vision loss?  The power of purpose coupled with the power of being unlocked & divinely guided releases a grace and agency that cannot fit into words.

I’ve written 6 books and counting to support various lenses and experiences about purpose for various audiences including our youth! My solutions combine the art and science of purpose for impact-driven Purpose Peeps and organizations who join forces to deliver results that matter.  Every book includes action steps to integrate what is shifting in your knowing with your being (through intentional practice) so that your doing is activated, inspired and intentional.

Purpose, strategy and results spark me! I know these possibilities are available to you and it’s my honor to support you in connecting to them.  Because I operate from a place of belief in what’s possible with the explorative question of how to get there, my approach is to extract the keys to your success and leverage them to open doors assigned to those keys.  I started my consultancy, Success By Planning LLC, in 2003 with my previous employer as my first strategy client client!  Unlock The Keys To Your Success & Turn Them Into Results was a tag line that turned into books, the backdrop of my strategy framework and my first online programs.


My consultancy, Success By Planning, LLC,  is a women-owned and a certified Small & Disadvantaged Business through the Small Business Administration.  Its NAISC codes are 54161, 541612, 541613, 541618, 611430, and 812990.  Please contact my office for a press kit or capabilities sheet.

My Truth

I was always interested in purpose.  That interest became my passion out of necessity when my really big questions became guttural outpourings as I was “lost” for a while.

I thought I was lost but I was really on my Path to Purpose. I had to shed everything inauthentic to arrive at the truth, my truth, which is an ongoing practice and not a destination. There were times I could not see my way through before I realized I was in a process, my process. This is why I take a stand for you and your purpose and the possibilities that are activated when you take your purposeful, impactful you, everywhere you go—home, community, service and even to work.

There’s no separation only opportunities to leverage.  Our personal transformation to home within ourselves is impacting the quality and fulfillment of our lives and informing shifts in what we do.  The meaningful change that is needed to heal our world in multiple ways truly starts with each of us.  

I created products and services to support you wherever you are on your path to purpose whether you are in:

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In service to your purpose and results that matter,



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