11 Nov, 2017

Divine Spark Review

“I love the book because Dena made very good references to how a Divine Spark can come at anytime, anywhere and from anyone. I took it personally because in my daily busy life I do not take the time to stop and listen to my “Divine Sparks” from those I am in contact with on a daily basis and even family members. This book reminded me that I need to stop and take time to smell the flowers. Wonderfully written!” CWR

10 Nov, 2017

IT Business CEO

“I hired Dena with the intention to achieve specific results.  Through her inquiry technique, I discovered that my real question and opportunity was much bigger than originally thought.  Through her leveraging techniques I realized that my business already had the content of what was required to leverage new knowledge and understanding. My job as the leader was to align resources to deliver.  My result was greater than anticipated and I have an application to leverage across my business.”

10 Nov, 2017


“I completed an Unlock! Me 30 Minute Session with Dena and left the session with a new understanding about Me! We dove into one of my stories that I thought I had completely processed. We took another look and discovered it was more to the story including some Keys to Success that I did not realize I already possessed.  We ended with follow-ups so that I could practice working my keys on the way to mastery.  I still had time for lunch! Amazing!”