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EP 20: The #Sparked Life Podcast: Life Shifts With Brandon Peele

Purpose Peeps,

During these unique times, you may be experiencing some emerging truths.  These truths bubble up on the inside and shake up our lives.  You may be thinking, do I really need any more disruption during a global pandemic and unprecedented social justice uprising, and whatever else is on our watch? It is during these times you can gain clarity on what you take a stand for and tap into what will sustain you during the marathon required for significant change.

Like the lotus flower that grows through muddy waters, these emerging thoughts are unclear, perhaps nudges that something is shifting.  And this process does not come with an instruction manual and can be beautifully messy!

During this episode, we have Purpose Peep, Brandon Peele with us.  Brandon lives and breathes purpose. Listen as Brandon takes us through some recent inner shifts.  We touch on some of the inner work that is happening within us that is shaping our responses to the clarion calls for we hear sounding loudly for change.

Purpose Peeps, there is homework! Apply Brandon’s heart-centered advice to arrive at your authentic and intentional action towards your vision of flourishing.

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Brandon Peele (he/him) is a Midwesterner, best-selling author, international speaker, the Vice President, People Science at ion Learning. He has written / co-written 4 books on purpose activation and worked with many organizations to activate purpose-led and inclusive cultures. He has also taught at several universities and has had his work featured in media outlets such as Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and Conscious Company Magazine.

Brandon is a PGI Certified Purpose Guide™, Imperative Certified Purpose Leader™, serves on the Council of the Global Purpose Leaders and has an MBA in Leadership from Columbia Business School. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Stephanie.  To connect with Brandon, visit his website

Dena Wiggins (she/her) is a Best-Selling Transformational Author and MBA informed Purpose Doula. She wholeheartedly believes that purpose is the birthright of humanity and intentionally refers to all of humanity as Purpose Peeps.  Dena’s sweet spot of service is to transform the many ways of living survival as a lifestyle into the many ways of living thriving lives of purpose.  This shift is vital to members of BIPOC communities who have experienced systemic oppression as well as doing our individual and collective parts to the end intentional oppression that is the antithesis of thriving lives of purpose.  Her style is to be a voice of shared experience meeting clients where they are on their sacred path to purpose journeys with empowering frameworks reflective of her lived experiences, Divine guidance, and learnings in–spirituality, facilitation, purpose, and strategy–all working in service of clients delivering their purposeful expression into the world.  Learn more and grow in connection at

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What’s Going On From A Personal Purpose Perspective?

As we tune in around the world during this unprecedented time, let’s tune in to what’s going on with us individually as Purpose Peeps.  Purpose Peeps enjoy living lives of intention and meaning, but what happens during a large amount of change when we are connecting the dots of our life to survive a major life event?  Let’s have a real talk moment and unpack a lens or perspective into what is going on intimately within us.

There’s no shortage of impact and if-then scenarios given a spectrum of considerations–health, relationships, finances, community, basic needs, family–you name it, there is something to consider.  From a purpose perspective, what is your assignment at this time?

The lens I offer is one focusing on being rather than what action to take.  If in the middle of all the balls we are juggling, we can ground ourselves in what’s up for us, it may allow more capacity to respond rather than react.

In my small group, we had a What’s Going On mastermind and unlocked four types of purpose assignments based on what type of purpose clarity you are experiencing.  Just focusing on the basics of inner and outer purpose clarity allows a window into what this event is revealing to you about you and your placement in the world beyond you.

Is your purpose assignment:

  • Cocooning
  • Reconnecting
  • Rebuilding
  • Guiding (First Responder)/Second Responder

This is a framework, a facilitation tool that allows you to organize your life experience in a way to manage the change and partner with it.  This will not tell you the answer to what shifted but rather what type of shift you are experiencing.  We have to travel the journey but at least we know what type of into me I see journey you are experiencing.

Check out the presentation below.  Bookmark my COVID19 Support page or connect with me on social media @DenaForYourPurpose as we will continue to unlock more about the type of purpose assignment is available for you during this time.  Let’s graduate together.

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