Spark Notes: New Outlook, New Results

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Every year I receive a download that sets the tone for the year.  It’s not one thing, message, event or idea but rather a combination of things that leads to my reception of the mantra.  It becomes a voice that I hear that guides my thoughts and actions for the year. It’s different from a theme word or tag line, it is more directional.  I use it as a litmus test for what follows during the year.

This year it is…

New Outlook. New Results.

The message began to unfold by January 2! My daughter took some photos of me performing Step 2 of the Unlock! Me Review. And I saw the truth, my truth.  My last working session of 2017 was with me.  I completed a process that provided a new outlook based on seeing 2017 through new lenses.  This new outlook positioned me for new results!

When I am in flow, the inspired action that I take always leads to more that surprises. Do you experience this too? It fills me with gratitude.

Wow! First, I experienced the Key of Insight operating by seeing the patterns at play during 2017 beyond the events  that provided a new outlook about the year.  In addition, I gained clarity about the role 2017 (what I perceived as good, bad, neutral or without a box) played in transitioning to 2018.  Third, I received the gift of affirmation through my mantra for 2018, New Outlook, New Results.

Did you see the movie The Shack? One of the most riveting scenes was when Mack was working in the garden (representing living and learning through life).  From Mack‘s view it looked like a mess, there was a lot of movement but he had to trust that it was purposeful.  Then there is an aerial shot and the we see that the mess is actually an intricate and beautiful garden!

I want you to engage. Register for my gift to you of the Unlock! Me Review and have your experience in gaining a new outlook to position yourself for new results.  I would love to hear about your mantras for 2018 and how they developed.  Add a comment below.



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