What’s Going On From A Personal Purpose Perspective?

As we tune in around the world during this unprecedented time, let’s tune in to what’s going on with us individually as Purpose Peeps.  Purpose Peeps enjoy living lives of intention and meaning, but what happens during a large amount of change when we are connecting the dots of our life to survive a major life event?  Let’s have a real talk moment and unpack a lens or perspective into what is going on intimately within us.

There’s no shortage of impact and if-then scenarios given a spectrum of considerations–health, relationships, finances, community, basic needs, family–you name it, there is something to consider.  From a purpose perspective, what is your assignment at this time?

The lens I offer is one focusing on being rather than what action to take.  If in the middle of all the balls we are juggling, we can ground ourselves in what’s up for us, it may allow more capacity to respond rather than react.

In my small group, we had a What’s Going On mastermind and unlocked four types of purpose assignments based on what type of purpose clarity you are experiencing.  Just focusing on the basics of inner and outer purpose clarity allows a window into what this event is revealing to you about you and your placement in the world beyond you.

Is your purpose assignment:

  • Cocooning
  • Reconnecting
  • Rebuilding
  • Guiding (First Responder)/Second Responder

This is a framework, a facilitation tool that allows you to organize your life experience in a way to manage the change and partner with it.  This will not tell you the answer to what shifted but rather what type of shift you are experiencing.  We have to travel the journey but at least we know what type of into me I see journey you are experiencing.

Check out the presentation below.  Bookmark my COVID19 Support page or connect with me on social media @DenaForYourPurpose as we will continue to unlock more about the type of purpose assignment is available for you during this time.  Let’s graduate together.

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