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The #Sparked Life Podcast

Welcome to The #Sparked Life Podcast with Dena Wiggins, Your Sister in Purpose and Certified Purpose Coach. Let’s demystify the sparked life and share our journey.

First Myth: The #Sparked Life is only for the ____________________ fill in the blank.
Myth Demystified: The #Sparked Life is for everyone. It only takes connecting with your frequency and intentional practice and effort to stay tuned.

Second Myth: The #Sparked Life is for that rah, rah, over the top types.
Myth Demystified: We are physiologically wired to live The #Sparked Life. When we are sparked or fulfilled and DOING the things we love, we produce Oxytocin that gives us a sense of value and belonging. It’s not rah, rah and we all have our own version of self-expression.

Third Myth: I need money or when I arrive at X, I can live The #Sparked Life.
Myth Demystified: Money is not a requirement to live The #Sparked Life. In fact, some Purpose Peeps have the money but are not living The #Sparked Life.

Any Purpose Peep, someone who is looking to leave his or her mark, is having intentional practice with what makes them come alive and is enjoying the imperfectly perfect journey to purpose unfolding in life is living The #Sparked Life and on their way to results that matter!

Come. Hang Out. Join the Growing Community of Sparked Purpose Peeps who are unlocking their insight, knowledge, wisdom and purpose and leveraging what they know about who they are to live their version of fulfillment.

In this sample episode, how do you stay sparked when life happens? Real conversations demystify the myths and allow us to see the beauty in our lives.

Connect wi!th your spark, take inspired action, live YOUR Sparked Life[/caption]
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Announcing the Release of Unlock! Me Review: 3 Steps to Unlock Keys to Your Success

Before the Vision Board Party, the New Year’s Resolutions and the fast track to 2018, take stock, review the past year and extract your keys to success to leverage in 2018 and beyond!

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2017 was a significant year that impacted everyone.  With such a pivotal year, it is a great time to check in.  2017 allowed us to experience ourselves and others in new ways and many of us discovered or are on the path to discover what we will take a stand for.  Pivotal times are times to extract new insight, knowledge and purpose, which is the calling card for an Unlocking experience.

The Unlock! Me Review and the output of your Keys to Success is my gift to you to:

  1. Extract meaning from such an important year, or any time you need to squeeze the sponge to make space for receiving new insight, knowledge and purpose,
  2. Have a personal experience with a skinny version of my Unlock the Keys to Your Success & Turn Them Into Results™ extraction and leverage model, and
  3. Ultimately, to support you in gathering your keys to impact.

Your keys to success are your personal toolkit to leverage while on your path to purpose.  Life supports you in identifying these keys and giving you opportunities to have intentional practice with them moving forward.

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Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

Dena Wiggins is a transformational author and consultant.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. She supports individuals and systems of individuals in extracting insight, knowledge and purpose to leverage into Galvanized Results that spark, excite and move into action.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

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