We exist to transform survival as a lifestyle to thriving lives of purpose individually and collectively.  We believe purpose & living a life of purpose is more than a possibility for humanity–the human spirit is designed to live a sparked life through connection to what really matters. 

Are you:

  • asking big questions about your life as if you know there is more but do not quite know how to access it?
  • a person who is non-negotiable about having a meaningful and fulfilling life experience?
  • trying to figure out how to breathe life back into yourself, your team, organization or relationship with the customers and clients you serve?
  • are you a purposed entrepreneur, parallelpreneur or solopreneur that is determined to create change and leave your legacy?

Yes? Great! You are in the right place for authentic solutions.  Because:

  • Purpose Peeps are awakening in curiosity and taking action to connect with purpose, align with; their highest possibility, true north, authenticity, authentic service, passion or leave behind an intended legacy. “There are 1B search results when googling what is my purpose,” Oprah, The Path Made Clear.  That’s billion with a B!
  • 66% of Purpose Peeps (across age, gender, location, function, level & industries) are unfulfilled in what they do. That’s 2/3 of Purpose Peeps infected with the disEASE of survival. DisEASE that impacts 2/3s requires attention. Now.
  • 53% of Millennial Bosses chose entrepreneurship as the vehicle to bring meaningful change & leave a legacy. That’s over half. There’s a hunger for fulfillment.
  • 82% of Purpose Peeps know they are responsible for their fulfillment. I provide authentic, cathartic & scientific tools that empower Purpose Peeps to reveal and unlock barriers to fulfillment.  The breakthrough is as unique as the individual or team.
  • 1% of people who are fulfilled in life are unfulfilled at work. 

Purpose Peep, I want affirm several things. First, when you unlock your self, you take the unlocked version of you everywhere you go–you shift environments by your presence and passion or you create new experiences. Second, you have your own answers and just need a way to access, unlock & leverage them. Third, purpose is driving change that is impacting individuals and organizations throughout the world. Fourth, you woke up to the possibility of a different life experience and you will need to take action to stay awake and follow the path of your spark.

I am Dena Wiggins, your Purposed Resultant taking a stand for your purpose and your inspired action steps leading to your results that matter.  As a Purposed Resultant, I create extractive (meaning we partner to find and loose) tools and programs to unlock insight knowledge and purpose that we leverage (extend, do something with) toward your results that matter.  I combine the art and science of strategy and purpose to support you & your team of many in delivering your impact and realizing the full intention of your purpose.

Your North Star is created by the unique combination of your keys to success that are discovered by following your sparks on the path to purpose. This is true for Purpose Peeps & organizations.


+ Response 


How you respond to the event of purpose sparking and piquing your curiosity will lead to your purposed outcomes, personally & professionally. 

We take a stand for the possibility of organizations–systems of Purpose Peeps–unlocking authenticity, insight & purpose that transform into the path to impact and delivering results that matter within the organization as well as the customers and communities it serves.  We take a stand for purpose enrollment among individuals across systems and spanning communities to deliver Galvanized Results–results that spark, excite and move others into inspired action.

We have tools to support responses that unite individual, systemic and societal results that matter.


Ways To Get To Know Each Other

Come here for support during your journey from awareness, intended practice and mastery while turning your ahas that I call “sparks” into results that matter.  Your journey to results that matter is what I call your path to purpose.

Let’s go!

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Gain perspective while having the real talk conversations with yourself, your family/small groups, and younger Purpose Peeps.  Coming Up Next… The Organizational 
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This is where you TURN YOUR sparks & ahas into your results that matter!  When you unlock, you gain keys to success that open doors intended for you and your impact.



Next Generation Purpose Peeps



Will you join me in ensuring no purpose or Purpose Peep is left behind–starting with YOU?  Be the change. Start with you.  Your impact matters.  Be a demonstration of sparked Purpose Peep possibility. Let’s unlock your keys to success (the accomplishment of purpose) and use them to unlock doors meant for us. Let’s partner to instill a purpose mindset in our youth so the next generation is purpose conscious. 


“I love the book because Dena made very good references to how a Divine Spark can come at anytime, anywhere and from anyone. I took it personally because in my daily busy life I do not take the time to stop and listen to my “Divine Sparks” from those I am in contact with on a daily basis and even family members. This book reminded me that I need to stop and take time to smell the flowers. Wonderfully written!” CWR

Divine Spark Review

“I hired Dena with the intention to achieve specific results.  Through her inquiry technique, I discovered that my real question and opportunity was much bigger than originally thought.  Through her leveraging techniques I realized that my business already had the content of what was required to leverage new knowledge and understanding. My job as the leader was to align resources to deliver.  My result was greater than anticipated and I have an application to leverage across my business.”

IT Business CEO