The biggest questions (quests I own) you will journey to unlock are:
  • WHO do I choose to BE at this pivotal time in our shared his/her/their/story ? and
  • What am I called to DO?
  • HOW do you need to be strengthen your capacities for sustainable change?  
  • What is in YOUR medicine bag that heals you and is available to others & the planet? 
  • What is calling you through the fullness and/or brokenness of your HEART?
  • What is your core stability that SUSTAINS you?
Our reason for being is to support you in answering these questions as individuals, groups or organizations through our unlocking programs and tools.  You have the answers you seek within with a universe of abundant resources to support your quests.  To see if we are a fit for your needs, schedule your thirty-minute Zoom discovery call here.
We Support Your Unlocking Through:
  • Our Proprietary Unlocking Books & Programs for Individuals & Teams
  • Emergent Strategies For Organizations Learn More
  • Gene Keys and Human Design unlock your DNA code of response and strategy.  They are great ways to attune to YOUR flow by understanding the nuances of your path to purpose journey.
  • IKIGAI For Purpose Peeps: Integrating The Head, Heart, Spark & Hands In A Fun Way *NEWLY Added Bonus of Gene Keys Learn More
  • IKIGAI As A Purposed Resultant To Support An Integrated Way of Being Through Art & Science Learn More
  • Be Your Type of Super Books & Programs For Our K4 – Grade 12 Youth Learn More  
  • Hand-made Jewelry & Art To Support Your  Unlocking & Path To Purpose Journey
Our sacred service is to unlock the many ways we become stuck in survival patterns (including solely relying on our mind to see, sense and understand) to see our pathways of evolving to flourishing that heals ourselves, each other and our planet.  We combine art, science, spirit, spark, modern, ancient, indigenous, remembering and emergent strategies together in collaboration, integration and respect to unlock understanding of our pivotal times.  We believe we each hold medicine bags that are a part of the “soulutions”of our time.  Get your freemium here!
Purpose Peep, I invite you to consider:
  • When you unlock your self, you take the unlocked version of you everywhere you go–you shift environments by your presence and passion or you create new experiences.
  • You have your own answers and just need a way to access, unlock & share them.
  • Purpose is driving change that is impacting individuals and organizations throughout the world.
  • You woke up to the possibility of a different life experience and you will need to take action to stay awake and follow the path(s) of your spark.
Your North Star is created by the unique combination of your keys to success that are discovered by following your sparks on your unique path to purpose. This is true for Purpose Peeps & organizations.
+ Response 
How you respond to the event of purpose sparking and piquing your curiosity and the initiations that expand your heart and understanding lead to your purposed outcomes personally & professionally.  
We take a stand for the possibility of organizations–systems of Purpose Peeps–to become movements of Galvanized Results–results that spark, excite and move others into inspired action.
We offer activation tools & sustainable practices (Purpose Reps) to support responses that unite individual, systemic and societal results that matter.


The 2020 International Day of Purpose was celebrated during a time of a pandemic and social justice uprising.  We realize that purpose discover, activation & mastery are not enough for the flourishing of humanity.  We must use our individual & collective agency, purpose, passion, influence and life force to end systems of oppression in many forms that place a knee on the neck of purpose for many Purpose Peeps in many harmful ways.


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