Spark Notes: Our Sparks Require Fanning

Introducing Spark Notes, notes to spark conversations within ourselves and with others.


Being sparked is the beginning.  What is it the beginning of?  It is the beginning of something for YOU to explore for yourself followed by how to share it with others.  A spark could be an idea, a revelation, an aha, a moment of clarity, something that touches your heart, healing for your soul, a new way to serve, a new product to help and the list is as unique as the sparked person.

Using the event + response = outcome formula from my mentor, Jack Canfield, the spark is the event. How you and I respond to the event yields the outcome.  We do not have to know the full plan to respond, just fan the flame to keep the spark going.

How do we fan the flame? Being present. Being in inquiry. Being open to exploration.  Notice all of the responses start with being.

Being relational with a spark allows it to grow, tell, show and teach you more.  Being precedes action on the path to remarkable results.

My grandfather wisely shared his view of fanning the flame.  His experiences taught him that the “junk” of life is what fans the flames of our sparks.  When his beloved Boy Scout troops were in the woods, they looked for “junk” to keep the flames going.  The next time life presents you with your version of “junk,” consider it may be just what is needed to fan the flame of your spark.  Take another look and have a new experience


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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Dena Wiggins is a transformational author and consultant.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. She supports individuals and systems of individuals in extracting insight, knowledge and purpose to leverage into Galvanized Results that spark, excite and move into action.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.