Spark Notes: The Experiences of Purpose – What happens when you know life is teaching you?

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The Experiences Lens of Purpose

cross pollination of purpose

What happens when you realize life has been teaching you and there are patterns to your lessons?  What happens when you get out of your stories and gain the vision to see the movie playing of your life?  What happens when you deeply embrace that all things are working for your good or the universe has your back?

The answer is clarity of purpose.

Everything has purpose?

Just as nature teaches us about the circle of life, all aspects of our life have purpose.  There is messaging for us in the good, the bad and the neutral of our lives.  We are were formed with intention and life serves that intention.

Your experiences flavor your purpose.  You have a unique perspective.  

#TrueConfessions… I unconsciously tried to use purpose to hide from the experiences I did not like about my life.  You know those things that pop up when you are unsure, make a “mistake,” or get “triggered.”  What I have learned along my path to purpose is that those very things are what flavors my purpose and gives me a unique purpose perspective.  If I never did ____________________, then I would not know __________________ or understand my key to success of __________________.  We can all fill in the blanks! That sentence is the reverse of If this _______________________ did not happen, then I wouldn’t have responded this ________________________ way and my life would not be stuck in ___________________________ this way.  I believe it and created a methodology around it for individuals and businesses.

You can be in a room full of people with similar purposes and the difference lives in the who and how of your solutions.  A part of that difference lives in your unique experiences and the solutions or edge to your solutions birthed from your experiences.


The key is to create some spaciousness around our stories–our glory stories and the ones we only retell in our minds.  We just need a framework and support to revisit them as viewers and not in the story for our wisdom to drop.

Can you imagine being in a movie and watching the movie at the same time?  Consider the different perspective of actually being in the movie, true reality filming, rather than in the audience.  This is the Key of Perspective in action.

You also need divine support.  I needed to leverage my divine resources to safely walk with me and allow me to untie some of the knots in my life.  We all have access to these resources that don’t tell but walk with us and hold space for us to really see.

Have you ever had a really difficult knot you were trying to untie?  The first thing you do is start pulling, gently so that you can loosen the knot to really see the source of entanglement.  We also need spaciousness to unlock our keys to success from our stories and experiences, especially the stories that are tightly bound with our identities.

Yes, I said it! I used the identity word.  Some identities are true self and some identities are “it was true then” self or short-term solutions or ways of being that no longer work for us.  Some identities are not ours just conditioning, or masks we wear to hide or to blend in like chameleons.

Our experiences shine the light on our true self and what we will take a stand for.

We’ve heard the stories about parents who performed logic-defying feats to save their children.  We’ve heard about men and women who bravely executed solutions during crises.  You have your own stories that are sometimes shrouded in survival and you may not see your own plot twist because you are still focused the people, places and things that placed you in survival mode or twisted you in knots.

Whatever you placed in the blanks in the sentences above, if you are reading these words, you at minimum survived it!  Not only did you survive it, you learned some things about yourself and life in the process that are leveragable, meaning reusable without the attachment to the story.

Conversely, if you are still looking in the rear view mirror living when you caught the unbelievable touch down XX years ago, you still have winning available to you in the present and future!  Moving forward while looking in the rear view mirror will lead to accidents and missing the beauty that is present and available to you right now.

I love when Oprah says, “when you learn the lesson, move on!” I would add,

“when you learn the lesson, gather your keys to your life, bless the lesson and move on!  Your purpose is in the keys.

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