EP19: The #Sparked Life Podcast: The Connection Between Purpose & Race Relations With Donald Jenkins

2020 continues to be a year of vision in which the world is seeing injustices with new eyes and developing a passionate voice and stand for systemic change, especially in the area of race relations.  As the world witnessed the brutal murders of two Black men via video, the outcry has been heard around the world.  An authentic question for the sparked life community is how do these events live within our sparked life?

Donald Jenkins, the CEO of Purpose Development Institute has a unique answer to that question.  His perspective is that this time in history is revealing the Purpose Deficit Disorder™ that is at the root of the problem of racism.  Focusing on our purpose development in a way that draws from our deep wells of purpose is the key to unlock the grit, commitment, and tools to galvanize the action steps and momentum beyond the protests.

How did Mr. Jenkins develop this insight? How did he tap into his deep wells of purpose? In this episode of The #Sparked Life, we will hear the purpose story behind the soulution that led to the movement.  What movement?  Check out Donald Jenkin’s book, Building The Super Race™: Shaping Race Relations Through Purpose DevelopmentGet the book to learn the six steps to sustainable change in race relations. www.pdiatl.com

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Donald Jenkins is co-founder and CEO of Purpose Development Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Jenkins has spent 30 years and well over 20,000 hours researching deficiencies in human development and growth to create solutions for helping people and organizations reach the highest growth potential.  His vision for the Super Race™ Movement is to mobilize the world to explore the genius of purpose to end social injustices.

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