Spark Notes: The Uniqueness of Purpose – What is your unconventional quirkiness?

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The Uniqueness Lens of Purpose

cross pollination of purpose

I love all of the lenses of purpose and yet uniqueness is one of my favorite.  This lens of purpose leads to freedom.  And yet it can be a challenging journey to really access it.

One of my mentors guided me through a transformative exercise where I exchanged my old language for new language based on words that authentically sparked me.  Two words that individually jumped at me were unconventional and quirky.

Being on the path to purpose allows an intimate relationship with authenticity.  Some time later while working with a client, I had a new experience with these words.  As I supported my client through shedding layers to get more clarity into her authenticity, she realized the very things she was trying to hide were the very things that were her strongest tools in her toolkit.

My client completed the I Am Not My Story Exercise in the Unlock the Keys to Success Personal Journey and gained insight about her uniqueness.  Her uniqueness, or unconventional quirkiness is one of her keys to success.  She was not consciously leveraging her uniqueness because she was still responding to some old messaging about conforming.

Your uniqueness is your signature.  Your uniqueness is your calling card.  You can be in a room filled with like-minded, similarly talented Purpose Peeps and your unique stamp sets you apart.

Embracing our uniqueness is the silent demonstration of the essence of living life fully.  It is part of the purpose equation. 

Uniqueness could be steeped in personality, style or perspective based on your experiences. The more we tap into the uniqueness of purpose, we let others (personally and professionally) know that they are in a space of trust.  As Purpose Peeps, trust is a requirement to have impact as we serve in our area of purpose.



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