Spark Notes: A Sparked Life is Contagious

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A sparked life is contagious.  What’s a sparked life? A life of living and investing in what makes a person come alive.  A sparked life is a life of taking inspired action from one spark moment to the next spark moment.  A sparked life does not mean a person has “figured it out” but rather trusting that “this is it” moment by moment.

Being a demonstration of what is possible is impactful, really impactful.  Most have heard some version of what will you believe, what people say or what people do.

Being is a quiet teacher that quietly whispers, “this is my version, what is yours?” 

Being enrolls others organically.  Our states of being let people know they are safe with us to ask soul questions.  Being reveals our most authentic selves.  The words that come after being a demonstration of your passions are easier for another to receive and circle back with questions.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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