Spark Notes: Do Your Best & Let It Breathe

Introducing #SparkNotes, notes to spark conversation within yourself and with others.


I love the work of Don Miguel Ruiz especially The Four Agreements.  I suspect that I, like many of you, have had some interesting experiences integrating the agreements in my life while practicing with this amazing insight.  One agreement stands out today–always do your best.

This agreement set my soul free because my best is a measure that evolves every day in every moment.

Presence is required to fully embrace doing my best in the moment.  

One of my #keys2success is the Key of Presence.  It aligns with my Purpose Path and my Core Values.  And, I have a lot to learn! The agreement of always doing my best is a great teacher of this key and allows me to have a daily practice with it.

Once you unlock the keys to your success, they become a filter and frame of reference for new learning.  You begin to see how your purpose is not a thing but more of a verb that dances with the elements of your life.  Purpose is actionable like a quiet drumming always playing in your life.  When something hits your purpose vibration, you know it!

One practice that I’ve learned is to not only do my best but to let it breathe.  I heard this technique when listening to musical masters teach about technique.  One producer shared that he guides musicians to be in excellence and to also allow space for the art to breathe.

Wow, be in excellence and still allow space.  That really sparked me.  It’s in the breathing space that greatness becomes miracles.  It allows the greater than us to join with our best and produce a result that is greater and more impactful.  It’s in the space when we hear the small voice beckoning us to put the cherry on top of what we are doing.

So always do your best AND give your best space to breathe and expand.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

Dena Wiggins is a transformational author and consultant.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. She supports individuals and systems of individuals in extracting insight, knowledge and purpose to leverage into Galvanized Results that spark, excite and move into action.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

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