EP 3 The #Sparked Life – The Nature of the Spark

Hello Purpose Peeps!

In this episode, we discuss the nature of your spark. Knowing how your spark behaves coupled with the last episode where you began to unlock your spark code leaves you well equipped for an intentional sparked life!

We also unpack the relational aspect of your spark. This is the intention of my book, Divine Spark, where we explore destiny relationships through the story of Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible. Divine Spark is available on http://www.denawiggins.com and through Amazon.

Purpose Peeps, as Resultants, you know we have homework related to our discussion! We also are incorporating a new affirmation at the end of this episode. Powerful stuff! As always, email me at info@denawiggins.com, explore more in the #SparkNotes blog on http://www.denawiggins.com and share your experience with other Purpose Peeps on our FB page @denaforyourpurpose.

See you in The #Sparked Life!

Dena, Your Sister in Purpose, Resultant and Certified Purpose Coach