EP 4: Have You Evah? The #Sparked Life

The #Sparked Life Podcast
The #Sparked Life Podcast with Dena Wiggins

Hey Purpose Peeps!

In this podcast we explore, “Have you evah?” No, I did not miss a spell check! This is, “have you ever” with an attitude.

Purpose Peeps, have you evah:

  • Had some life events or situations that knocked the wind out of you? AND, you did not share about your experience because you’re supposed to be be further along and the event “should not” rock you to your core?
  • Had some life events that took you back to your existing or survival toolkit?
  • Had some life events that appeared like the thing you thought you conquered or the test you already “passed?”

If you answered yes to any or all of the have you evahs, guess what, you are a Purpose Peep living The #Sparked Life with the OPPORTUNITY to have a different relationship with life and as a result, different outcomes! Listen and consider three perspectives to shift the dynamic of have you evah to building your #Sparked Life muscles!

The Have You Evah 3P Shifters:

  1. Prioritization shifts your relationship to the event. What is the placement of this event in your life RIGHT now? What is in your CURRENT toolkit? Do you see the path the event cleared to take you to a new resource in your toolkit?
  2. Purpose shifts the event from something against you to something for you even if it comes in a challenging package? What is the purpose of the event as it relates to your spark?
  3. Past connections can sometimes make the events seem bigger and larger than what they really are! You are not the same Purpose Peep as when you last experienced something like this.

…And of course there is some juicy homework to leverage what we unlock about YOUR #Sparked Life! This time we unlock three activities to:

  1. Match your perspective with where you are on the purpose path,
  2. Unlock your responses to life events, and
  3. Envision your outcomes and Align with your required Responses!

Purpose Peeps, as Resultants, you know we have homework related to our discussion! We also are incorporating a new affirmation at the end of this episode. Powerful stuff! As always, email me at info@denawiggins.com, explore more in the #SparkNotes blog on http://www.denawiggins.com and share your experience with other Purpose Peeps on our FB page @denaforyourpurpose.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose and Resultant

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