EP 8: What Are You Graced For? The #Sparked Life Podcast

The #Sparked Life Podcast
The #Sparked Life Podcast with Dena Wiggins

Hey Purpose Peeps,

What are you graced for? After a chance meeting with a sparked Purpose Peep whose light was so incredibly bright that it filled the room, I realized the experience was not just something to revel at, it was unlocking something for me.  But what was it?

After recognizing this as a spark experience, I responded by reflecting. Quietly the answer came.  I could see what this person was graced for without a business card, without an elevator pitch or a title or letters behind a name.  I saw what this person was graced for by how he served–passionately & without reserve.  Then, I learned the other stuff that most of us lead with.

But that aha is not the nexus of this episode. We each get to figure out how to authentically extend purpose. Beyond the example of service and within short purpose stories, I observed how it looks to know what you are graced for and give it away.  The timing is amazing because I spent a lot of time creating freemiums to serve and get to know Purpose Peeps but what this person was doing was showing up, giving himself away, having experiences like you would not believe which opened doors of opportunity like you would not believe.

In this episode, we unlock what we are graced for, and end in an activity for you to see the “graced for” signposts in your life! Share with other Purpose Peeps and don’t forget to subscribe. Most importantly, share what you are graced for and your experience in doing the work to unlock and leverage it!  We are also having an experience of this life lens as our Big Question of the Week in the Purpose Peep Community.

To Your Purpose & Results That Matter,


Dena Wiggins is a Transformational Author, Consultant, Certified Purpose Coach & MBA. She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. Dena unlocks purpose in sparked Purpose Peeps facilitating businesses and organizations to transform into lighthouses that shine solutions into the marketplace, no matter what. As a Purposed Resultant, she combines her experiences and passion for spark, purpose, and strategy to create impactful solutions that deliver your results that matter. Learn more about her Unlock The Keys To Your Success And Turn Them Into Results® programs and A Life of Purpose® Products that shift your sparks (or ahas) into action at www.denawiggins.com.

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