Spark Notes: What Appears to be Collapsing May Be a New Formation

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In star formation, after a disturbance to bring its foundation together, there is a rotation that flattens what was once a clump.

The Key of Faith allows us to trust the process of life knowing that there is something happening to us that is for us.

Friends, I remember being in major transformative processes in my life and when I “thought” it stopped, I took a breath only to realize it was just a transition from one phase to another!  For many years I made meaning of this experience that had nothing to do with the truth of the experience.  The truth of the experience is that I was transforming by something that knew the end creation and I did not.

Have you ever had an aha that made everything click and yet you still were not in control?  This is the perfect time for us to practice with the Key of Faith.  The Key of Faith allows us to trust in the process of life and know that it is good for us.  What we do not know are the steps required and the end destination.

Faith always reminds me of the show Quantum Leap, where the lead character shows up not knowing where he is or his assignment.  He trusts that he has an assignment and his trust leads him to his knowing and he completes his assignment.  He breathes and then it is next week and he has a new episode and new assignment!

Have faith that you are in a process that is for you. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it to take inspired action for the vision of your life to reach fulfillment.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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