Spark Notes: Heat attracts, activates and produces

Introducing Spark Notes, notes to spark conversation within ourselves and with others.  Join the purpose conversation.

Adobe Spark (11)

In star formation, the final stage before the its illumination, heat intensifies and it attracts what is needed to progress, the heat activates the next stage of creation where something new is produced.

The Keys to Success of Trusting In the Process, Faith & Relationships are key to complete massive vision and impact.  It is the heat, in the most challenging of times that attracts some of our most deeply held keys to success and serves as a magnet for resources to find and connect with us.

I’ve heard many people teach don’t give up before the miracle.  The heat of our challenges intensifies just before we call uncle and give up.  Viewing intensifying heat as a part of the last leg of our transformative process may lend just enough space to breathe and finish the process.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

Dena Wiggins is a transformational author and consultant.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. She supports individuals and systems of individuals in extracting insight, knowledge and purpose to leverage into Galvanized Results that spark, excite and move into action.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

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