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Happy New Year!  Welcome 2018!

Do you remember the viral picture of the kitten looking into the mirror and seeing a lion? Great picture!  People resonate with of possibility.  To me it reflects what I am learning about purpose–it surprises!

The difference between the kitten and the lion is its path to purpose!  This is the most simplistic explanation of the path to purpose.  It is on your path to purpose that you will be surprised at the shifts and changes required to transform from your right now to your future self.

One of the best teachers of this concept is Derek Rydall in his book and programs The Law of Emergence.   He uses the acorn and oak tree as an analogy of our potential.  Every acorn has the possibility within it to become a mighty oak tree.

What lives between the acorn and the oak tree is its path to purpose and all of the surprises, shifts, growth spurts, pruning and flourishing.  Can you imagine the surprise and delight of the acorn when it is just following its purpose path and catches a glimpse of its transformation to the oak tree?

Can you imagine the surprise of the kitten who one day roars and never experienced a roar before?  That same surprise and delight happens when we take inspired action just because we recognize the nudge and it feels right.   Before we know it,  we’re behaving like our future self because it was always in us.

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Happy 2018!


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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