EP: 1 What’s The Sparked Life About? The #Sparked Life Podcast

Hey Purpose Peeps!

Welcome to The #Sparked Life, conversations for our growing community of Sparked Purpose Peeps who are unlocking what sparks us, what makes us come alive and using this clarity to craft our lives of purpose, The #Sparked Life!

In this episode, we demystify The #Sparked Life. We cancel out the old thinking and beliefs that do not align with destination Spark Life. We move from some general types of myths that hold us back to unlocking our PERSONAL myths that hold us back.

And because I’m Your Sister in Purpose & Resultant, we have homework until next time.

What are your myths about living The Sparked Life?

Practice the Affirmations “The Sparked Life IS for me. I am living my Sparked Life NOW.”

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To Destination The #Sparked Life,

Dena, Your Sister in Purpose & Resultant

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