#SparkNotes: Are you experiencing Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)?

Introducing Spark Notes, notes to spark conversation within ourselves and with others.  Join the purpose conversation.

Hey Purpose Peeps,

Remember a spark moment that led to access to new knowledge that you know is a big deal but it unpacks over time?  Unforgettable, right? These moments are at the intersection of living the #Sparked life and how purpose unfolds

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a local Tedx event with no expectation but to connect with my local Tedx community.  Being innovative and learning about the latest trends really sparks me and I also got a sneak peek into some of the Ted Talk 2018 presentations at the event.  I met a Purpose Peep and we chatted it up and he introduced me the concept Massive Transformative Purpose or MTP. If we were being filmed it’s one of those times when we would hear music (dun, dun, da) and a close facial shot because it was significant.

In the #sparked life, we pay attention to what sparks us and follow the trail to a new sparked life experience.

Purpose Peeps, you know how we are always perfecting our elevator speech, aka our dip or what I call our why, this is one of the clarity moments that makes your pieces gel together and affirms the direction you are taking.  For me, my business sweet spot is the combination of transformation, purpose and innovation so hearing the term Massive Transformative Purpose pulled me into inquiry.

One word—hooked!

Following the trail of inquiry after being sparked is my way of responding to sparks.  YOU get to unlock when you are sparked and determine YOUR authentic response to being sparked.

When I researched MTP, I learned about an incredible movement.  MTP describes a better future for the world (or at least your industry or community) but it doesn’t specify how.  Examples include:

  • Ted Talks—Ideas Worth Sharing
  • Tesla—To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy
  • Google—Organize the world’s information
  • Pinterest—The world’s catalogue of ideas
  • Unilever—Making sustainable living commonplace

What I noticed is that some of these companies are also examples within The Purpose Economy as early adopters in the Purpose Economy. They are lighthouses, shining the change they want to see in the world by transforming and disrupting our engagement with the marketplace.


A couple of things come to mind:

  • What if one of the reasons purpose can be such a big contemplation is that it is or is tied to MTP?
  • There is a massive transformation that occurs within champions of MTP that yields the personal resolve to surrender to it.

A great MTP is what I call a Purpose Enrollment because it moves Purpose Peeps to galvanized results—results that spark, excite and engage others.  Peter Diamandis, cofounder of Singularity University describes MTP as what attracts the customers, community, partners and resources you need to make a dent in the universe.  Peter also says, “find out what you would die for and live for it.” If the hairs on the back of your neck just stood up as if someone were reading your private thoughts and hearing your big questions, you just got sparked!

Birthing purpose or surrendering to what makes you tick and taking action on it is a wonderful and transformative process.  When that birthing process is also the catalyst for massive transformative purpose, it is a transformation that you begin and contribute to but you may not see fully realized in your lifetime AND YET you are resolved to make a dent in the universe with all that you have. It is enrollable so others respond to it and lend their contribution to its end.

Here are four questions to help you unlock whether you are engaged in a MTP experience:

  • Who are the beneficiaries of your product or service?
  • What is the why behind what are you are doing, building or creating?
  • Does it seem to be like an umbrella that many pursuits could support and is broad enough to allow shifts over time?
  • Would you engage fully and move forward even if you knew you could not solve it or achieve it?

One of the reasons you may be stuck or overwhelmed on your path to purpose is that you know or sense that it’s something huge.  Here’s the good news.  There are Purpose Peeps that get you with resources to support you.  Meeting them requires taking action steps and following your sparks to find them!  Learn more about exponential organizations here.  Learn to unlock the keys to your success in a personal or business context here to begin to extract your MTP from a deep place within.

My MTP which differs from my elevator speech or target market and is simply, “purposed living for all.”



Dena, Your Sister in Purpose & Resultant

Dena Wiggins is a Transformational Author, Consultant and Certified Purpose Coach.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. Dena unlocks purpose in sparked Purpose Peeps who transform businesses and organizations into lighthouses that shine solutions that transform our world.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

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