Spark Notes: Purpose Unfolds

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Last week we were discussing the star formation and integrating the lessons of each phase of formation.  What is interesting is that any of us could identify with the brilliance of the star and connect with the brilliance unfolding our lives.  Brilliance is a part of the story of the “star,” and yet the story does not end with brilliance.  What if the purpose of the star is to shine brightly to provide direction?

When reflecting about the beautiful story of Jesus during this holiday season, I was struck by one of the silent characters in the story, The Star of Bethlehem.  From our study last week, we know that the formation of a star may take millions of years or just a declaration, “let there be a star.” The point is that the star undertook a unique journey with kairos (perfect) timing  and an appointment to shine brightly and provide direction.

Purpose unfolds like a beautiful flower. 

There is a process for the flower to grow and blossom and fulfill its purpose.  Like the rose, there are layers of unfolding and blooming–all beautiful.  Understanding the nature of purpose allows a whimsical relationship with purpose that continually surprises and amazes. The Key of Surrender allows us to surrender deeper and deeper to a process that we can not predict or out think.

Consider purpose a great story, your story, that builds over time.  One of the things that makes a great story is that we can not predict where the author is going in the story.  We just agree to journey with it.  Imagine purpose taking you by the hand and gently saying, “let’s journey together.”

As we embark on 2018, let’s set the intention to be present to purpose unfolding in our lives.  Let’s agree to journey with purpose trusting that the author of purpose has a compelling story to tell with us and through us.  Like the star that is brilliant and directional, let us settle for nothing less than our fully realized purpose!

Happy 2018!


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