Spark Notes: Is There a Journey You Could Take Without a Map?

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Could you take a journey without a map? Before 2010, my answer would have been, no, after all my business is Success By Planning.  But then I surrendered to a new experience of being a student in life and I learned an alternative answer.

When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.

2010 began my most significant period of change.  Change came in every part of my life and shifted what I thought was the core of my identity.  Initially, I thought the changes were to me and not for me.  I thought that the changes were unrelated.  Ultimately, I thought the changes were my undoing.

Over time, instead of so much thinking, I began to ask some big questions.  I am a person of faith, so my sincere asks, or prayers were at first polite questions.  The more the pressures of life intensified, the less polite my questions were.  My questioning moved to the heart of my circumstances.

The responses to my questions were nudges to take inspired action.  I learned the definition of inspired action by experience.  Because I was so conditioned to plan, it took faith steps of inspired action for me to move just because I received a prompt and not a full plan.  And none of the inspired action steps resided in my comfort zone.

As this exchange intensified–surrender to sincere ask to an inspired action response–I began to see a pattern.  I ended up doing things that energized me and served others.  I ended up in the right place at the right time to meet opportunities and other people who I really resonate with.

Because of my experience, my programs begin with sincere asks as a reset before setting intention. Transformation requires shifts and without being surrendered to an emerging direction, it is easy to believe you are transforming but it is really just redressing something that still lives in what you are called to transform from.

I can not say exactly when it clicked, but one day I realized that there is a path to purpose and it is a journey that I can not plan but rather surrender to it.  I realized that I am traveling to fulfillment and each time I make decisions and move in alignment with what is being revealed about me, I felt fulfillment.  I felt joy. I felt peace. I felt belonging. I felt purposeful. I was impactful on the path to purpose, I did not have to wait for arrival.  This is how I learned that purpose unfolds.

What is interesting about a journey like this is that I did not have to seek external validation. Honestly, when I tried, it did not work! Because there was no prescribed map, I got to have my own experience to understand what makes me tick, to understand my drivers and to gain clarity about what is most important to me that is a part of my unique blueprint.

Now when I view existing maps from other travelers sharing what they are learning and have the honor of creating some from my experiences, they are viewed through my transformed outlook.  This was one introduction to a new outlook leads to new results.

This is how my ongoing journey without a map appeared in my awareness.  Oh, and there is also a part of journeying without a map that is beautiful and transformative in the creative process as well.  In this process you kind of have an idea about where you are going but you tap into something greater and your idea becomes something so much more than you could have anticipated.

Sounds like the beginning to a great story!

What is your answer? What is your experience with journeying without a map? I’d love to know.  Please engage in the comments.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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