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Today we stop and reflect on one of the greatest leaders and humanitarians of this century.  Many will reflect on his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.  Many will listen to his great sermons and speeches that began a movement into inspired action.  Today, I share my wish that Dr. King experienced unutterable fulfillment in his short time here by living a life of purpose, by living a life of inspired action, by being an example of taking a stand in the uniqueness of his blueprint and calling.



“Their (unutterable fulfillment) can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



The inaudible language of the heart… Have you ever experienced something so fulfilling that words fail?  When I gave birth to my children or witnessed the miracle of birth; words fail.  When there is a moment of  clarity by witnessing just a glimpse of the invisible strings of life that let you know there is more connection and intent that we could imagine; words fail.  When I begin to operate in the truth of my existence; words fail. When the unthinkable happens negative or positive; words fail and all of the things disappear that separate and we meet as a collective in the inaudible language of the heart.

Moments like these occur when we look into the eyes of another, the windows of the soul and have an unspoken conversation.  Moments like these occur when all we can do is throw up our hands in surrender by way of praise or as our most sincere ask from the inaudible language of our heart.

In my few moments that in small resemble what Dr. King described, I was in service in the unique blueprint of my design.  When my body bore life, that was in the unique blueprint of my design.  When Dr. King looked up and saw all of the people gathered on the lawn, do you think that was a moment for him? I can imagine  the unspoken language of the heart whispering to his inner circle to say our movement, our message and our methodology of peace matters and is moving masses into inspired action.

Thank you Dr. King for your incredible life, service and legacy. You provided an example to the answer of my big question, “how can I experience unutterable fulfillment in my life?”  My answer is movement through impactful service that meets others in the inaudible language of the heart. Barriers break in the inaudible language of the heart.

What are your big questions from such a powerful life of service?


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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