Spark Notes: The Passion of Purpose – What are you passionate about?

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The Passion Lens of Purpose

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I remember hearing the story of a famous athlete who discovered his purpose through the passion lens.  His Mom told him to come in from practicing basketball when the street lights came on.  One day, the street light did not come on and when his family found him it was in the twilight hours.  He completely lost himself in the sport.

What is it that you do that causes you to completely lose track of time?  If there were no barriers, how would you spend your time just for the love of what you are doing?  Previously, we spoke about the process in the process being awareness, practice and mastery.  What is it that you practice without reminders, or a goal or a plan?

Another way to approach passion is what you will take a stand for.  What gets you out of being upset to taking action or committing to finding solutions?  What is it that your close friends and family say, “oh here she goes again?”  What moved you from a rant to a declaration of, “Enough!?”  The opposite of what made you proclaim enough is what you will stand for.

Sometimes when we answer questions from the same frame of reference, we get the same answers.  The Unlock! Me Review is my gift to you to bring insight, knowledge and purpose through 3 simple steps.  These steps allow you to see your life through different perspectives by unlocking the pattern of the stories in our life and the meanings we make of them.

Some people just know when it comes to purpose.  Some have a purpose lens experience and arrive at an answer about purpose.  Most of my clients have a multi-faceted experience with purpose that allows it to really click for them.  They are looking for an inside out purpose experience that requires disrupted patterns to really gain insight that lasts. Whatever your desired result, own it and engage in your version of your path to purpose.



Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

Dena Wiggins is a transformational author and consultant.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. She supports individuals and systems of individuals in extracting insight, knowledge and purpose to leverage into Galvanized Results that spark, excite and move into action.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

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