Spark Notes: The Resonance of Purpose – What is your vibration?

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The Resonance Lens of Purpose

cross pollination of purpose

The resonance of purpose speaks to the vibration you feel or sense when you are on your path to purpose.  The resonance of purpose is a trusted guide that is an informal litmus test–yes or no, stop or continue, good for me or not.

Resonance is not a function of thought, it is a deeper knowing that is felt.

Resonance is a key to unlocking intuition.  When we vibe with a person, place, thing or idea, we trust that it is for us even if how it is for us is not revealed in the moment.  The Key of Trust works nicely with resonance because we may not fully understand what is next on our journey to purpose, resonance affirms where we are and the direction we are headed.

What is interesting about resonance is that it teaches us our frequency.  If you think about frequency like tuning into a station on the radio, our frequency comes in loud and strong.  It is music we like and can relate to.  Conversely, when we are not on our frequency, the vibration and sounds have static and we find ourselves adjusting trying to get better sound to make the frequency work.

I have met amazing and diverse Purpose Peeps through resonance.  When guided by resonance, something sparked my curiosity and I pursued it through information and Purpose Peeps to understand more.  Over time these experiences combined to form clarity about my next inspired action or the communities that really jazz and inspire me.

Resonance is gift and powerful tool when learning about what truly makes you come alive.

What are your experiences with resonance on your path to purpose?  Engage. Share below.


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