#SparkNotes: What are your leave behinds that let others know you were here?

Introducing Spark Notes, notes to spark conversation within ourselves Untitled (1)and with others.  Join the purpose conversation.

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When my son was about four, he was a handful!  One day I noticed a trail of reddish little hand prints trailing a major wall in our home.  This wall gained the greatest amount of sunlight as it faced a huge window in the foyer.

When I asked my son in a shocked tone of questions, “what happened? Why did you do this? Are you ok? What is that?”

Without hesitation, my son replied, “oh, that’s my special stuff so everyone will know I was here.” This was followed by a big smile, huge dimples and a shrug as if he was saying doesn’t everyone leave a mark of their special stuff.

What is your “special stuff” that leaves your mark so everyone knows you are here?  Notice I did not say were here.

You don’t have to wait!  Like my son, you and I can start messy while figuring it out and we can leave our mark ALL along the way.  Our traces, our breadcrumbs, our hiccups are powerful leave behinds as a demonstration that you started, you tripped over yourself, kept going and figured it out.  Isn’t it cool to think that just starting is serving and helping others know they are not alone on the Path to Purpose?

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