#SparkNotes: Plans Deferred But Not Forgotten

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Have you ever had a nudge to do something that did not seem to fit with your plans?

What about when this happens when you are at your busiest?

You too?

There was a groundbreaking ceremony for a new recreation facility in my county directly across the street from my community. On three occasions I got a nudge that prompted me saying you should go.

Immediately after the nudge, another voice said, “that’s nuts, you are so behind on your plans. You don’t have the time.”

Here’s a pattern I’ve unlocked in my life: Repeated nudges followed by strong opposition are uncommon gifts in the making!

I went!

It was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to connect with local Purpose Peeps!


Then the gift revealed itself!

My District Commissioner shared the plan and funding for this project was secured in 2007 and then the economy happened. The overhead for the facility is at minimum $1M per year so the plan was deferred.  Many were disappointed because the plan took years to gain funding.  The plan seemed to go away but really it was on hold until the intention of the plan could be fully realized.

Let that sink in…  11 years… what happens when your widely shared plans go dormant for 11 years? Can you imagine the questioning? Have you had some of that questioning in your life?

Next up was Alex. I did not understand what role he played, on the Board, builder, County Executive, but what I did understand was his passion! Alex casted his vision to bring the inside out in this project. This is important because there is a man made beach and a lot of green space surrounding the project. Alex was even changing the grading from being sound barriers to sound inviting, a great add for the revamped amphitheater. His passion was infectious! This go around, we got Alex with the plan.

Purpose Peeps, where there is Purposed Passion other Purpose Peeps follow.

Next up was Ed. Ed was responsible for the new walking trails that surround and go through the park. They were donated to the County by Ed’s non-profit because of the vision and intention to reestablish community in the County!


Consider this:

  • Your plans that you worked so hard and toiled for are not forgotten, just deferred.
  • You have a vision but you will need other Purpose Peeps like Alex and Ed all of their resources to bring the vision to fruition and cast a wider net for others to catch on.
  • What if the deferral of your plan is actually a period to align with a larger plan and what you thought was the entire enchilada was really a piece? Some were thinking park, momentum happened when the park became a community hub and driver for change.

The next time you get repeated nudges, even when you are insanely busy, I hope you take inspired action with your yes and receive your version of an uncommon gift!

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Dena, Your Sister in Purpose & Resultant

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