Spark Notes: Is purpose a cross-pollination of ideas?

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The first time I had a spark experience in strategy and planning was with a cross-pollination strategy experience.  The brilliance of this strategy is that the strategy was multi-faceted.  There was a leading driver for the strategy but there were legs that supported it.

The Cross Pollination #key2success strengthens by creating multi-faceted thinking, innovation and solutions.


What does cross-pollination have to do with purpose?

I came into a deeper understanding of the Key of Cross Pollination on my path to purpose.  While engaging in my knowledge-based purpose diet, I read Choose Yourself by James Altucher.  In the book, he talks about building your idea and innovation muscle through the idea machine.  As a daily practice he suggests reading from different texts and jotting down ideas to practice with our awareness that we build value through the unique solutions we provide.

What would happen if we cross-pollinate the path to purpose with the idea machine?  Perhaps our path to purpose requires a combination of different ideas about purpose.  Perhaps our path to purpose is as unique as the person.   Perhaps the more we cross pollinate great ideas about purpose, the more we serve ourselves by activating our idea machine to generate our purpose solution.  Perhaps this is why the voracious appetite for knowledge is required on the path to purpose.

The first person you serve with your purpose is YOU. You then have an authentic brand and solution to share with others by bringing the full expression of you.

cross pollination of purpose

My experience with the intersection of the Key of Cross Pollination and Purpose are several lenses on the path to purpose (in no order but to spell out the word purpose):

  • Passion – What am I passionate about? What will I take a stand for?
  • Uniqueness – What is my source of unconventional quirkiness?  If I were in a room filled with like-minded people, how would I stand out?
  • Resonance – What does it feel in my body and spirit when I am on the path to purpose?
  • Promises – What are the promises about purpose from my faith tradition?
  • Oxygen – What am I doing or being that brings life, source and energy to my life?
  • Spark – What sparks me? What makes me come alive? What are my life defibrillators?
  • Experiences – What do I uncover when I review my life experiences from the lens of purpose?

Juicy questions, right?  I am jazzed just thinking about my experiences with these lenses.  It was and continues to be amazing.

This week we will unpack each element of the Cross Pollination of Purpose! I developed the Unlock! Me Review as a free offering to unlock our thinking and the stories we tell about ourselves and life.  Sometimes when we answer questions from the same frame of reference, we get the same answers.  The Unlock! Me Review will is my gift to bring insight, knowledge and purpose through 3 simple steps.


Dena, Your Sister in Purpose

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